Heartbroken Mom Discovers Her Baby's Cremated Ashes Are Dog Remains: 'It's Humiliating'

"I sat and cried and held that urn and cried myself to sleep, grieving for my daughter and it was somebody’s dog.”

Jennifer Dailey, a Kittanning, Pennsylvania mother, recently discovered that what she thought were the remains of her stillborn child, were actually the ashes of a dog, according to WTAE.

Dailey delivered a stillborn child two years ago, receiving the cremains from the Bauer Funeral Home shortly thereafter. Recently, Dailey and her husband decided to spread the ashes somewhere meaningful. 

“I finally worked up the nerve to look into her urn and look at her ashes and there was a metal plate in there and I read it and it said Butler Pet Cremation and when I seen that I knew something was wrong,” Dailey said. “They told me a mistake had been made and I was given somebody’s pet and they were given my daughter. It turned the worst thing that could possibly happen to me in my life into a thousand times worse."

“The mistake is mine. Quite honestly I made a mistake. I had two identical containers. I just simply put the wrong label on the wrong container. The Bauers and the Bauer family and the Bauer funeral home are not at fault,” said Bauer Funeral Home operator Glenn Miller.

“I wanted the public to know how deeply saddened I am that this happened and that I’m so sorry for the family and that it was a mistake, it was human error and that I’m so thankful we were able to rectify it extremely quickly,” said Jennifer Bauer Eroh of the Bauer Funeral Home, who explained that the error had occurred at the contracted Thompson-Miller Funeral Home in Butler County.

Through meticulous record-keeping, the two funeral homes tracked down the family who mistakenly received the incorrect ashes and obtained the correct box, thus rectifying the mistake. The Daileys, however, remain suspicious.

“It’s humiliating. I’m horrified. As many times as I sat and cried and held that urn and cried myself to sleep, grieving for my daughter and it was somebody’s dog,” said Jennifer.

“No. How can I?" responded Dailey to a reporter asking if she accepts their apology. "How do you make a mistake like that? How do you mistake a dog for a human?” Dailey continued. “It’s like a nightmare I can’t wake up from.”

[Photo: Action News 4]

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