A Muslim Woman Took On An Anti-Muslim Protest With A Selfie

One woman's selfie at an anti-Muslim rally has taken the Internet by storm.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Sometimes something as small as a selfie can make a huge difference.

Buzzfeed reports that earlier this week, protesters from the right-wing Flemish party Vlaams Belang positioned themselves - signs and all - right outside a Muslim Lifestyle Expo event being held in Antwerp.

The protestors came bearing signs that read things like "No headscarves" and "Stop Islam" - you know, the usual ignorant, xenophobic rantings. They even tried to hand out pork sausages to any Muslims they saw, which is next-level hatefulness.

22-year-old Zakia Belkhiri was undeterred, and stopped to take selfies with them, smiling in the face of ignorance and hatred.

It wasn't long before the images went viral, but all of the attention wasn't good - Belkhiri even set her account to private at one point, due to the overwhelming response.

"I was feeling insecure but then I saw all the positive reactions, [and] tweets, and they got me motivated to actually speak," she told Buzzfeed"It's cool to see that I touched many hearts and inspired many people," Belkhiri continued.

Freelance photographer Jürgen Augusteyns captured photos of Belkhiri mid-selfie, which he called "a [strong] statement, especially for the Muslim community in Belgium."

"I knew the moment this happened the images would have impact," he told Buzzfeed.

Clearly, he was right.

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