Here's The 5 Best Holiday Horror Movies

Because some of us need a break from seasonal cheer.

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Halloween and Thanksgiving are over. There's no stopping Christmas now. Fortunately or unfortunately, not all of us are cut out for holiday cheer. That's why we've compiled a list of our favorite holiday horror movies: because nothing warms our hearts in winter more than a little bloodshed and violence!

1) Santa's Slay

Starring retired (and ironically Jewish) pro-wrestler Goldberg as a demonic Santa Clause, Santa's Slay is a bloody and campy romp through your worst Christmas nightmares. Don't take this one too seriously, just bask in the glory of Fran Drescher's cameo and let the Holiday slaughter wash over you.

2) Krampus

Based on the ages-old frightening fairy tale of a seasonal demon who would punish naughty children at Christmastime, Krampus acts as a sort of satanic St. Nick. With his terrifying (and also somehow adorable?) visage Krampus is brought to life in this schlocky but lovable film by director Michael Dougherty.

3) ThanksKilling

Christmas isn't the only Holiday we're all dreading — we've got to survive Thanksgiving first. But how can we make it past this murderous turkey? 

Most likely inspired by the fake trailer run during the Eli Roth / Quentin Tarantino double feature Grindhouse, ThanksKilling is an ultra-low budget horror comedy about some poultry out for revenge.

4) Black Christmas

A staple of the horror genre, Black Christmas is one of the few holiday horror movies that takes itself at least somewhat seriously. Although not entirely well-received at the time, the film is now credited as a notable influence on the entire slasher genre. Know your horror history, kids!

5) Nightmare Before Christmas

Sure, Nightmare Before Christmas is closer to spoopy than actually spooky, but do you remember that scene where the wreath eats that kid? That sh*t has haunted my dreams for decades.

Either way, Tim Burton's masterpiece is a gorgeously animated ode to both Fall and Winter holidays and is (relatively) safe for the whole family. Except for that one scene with the wreath.


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