Horrified Mom Discovers Live-Stream Of Daughters’ Bedroom Security Cam

People hacked into a Texas family's security-cam of their young daughters' bedroom and streamed it live to the world.

Protective parents these days think the only way to ensure their children’s security is to monitor them 24 hours a day, whether it be with GPS-enabled mobile phone apps or security cams throughout the house. Imagine the horror then when one Houston, Texas mom found out the very security camera she installed in her young, two daughters’ bedroom for their imagined safety had been hacked and was actually live-streaming their every movement for every potential pervert to see on the world wide web.  The mother, Jennifer, who asked that her last name not to used, told ABC News, "I feel like I've failed. People are watching my kids in their home, dressing, sleeping, playing."

Authorities say they think the tech-savvy Peeping Toms hacked into the families DVR system, which was wired to cameras throughout the house, after one of the girls used an unprotected server to connect with friends on a computer game. Fortunately Shelby Ivie, a concerned mom from Oregon, found the livestream on the free app Live Camera Viewer, while looking for satellite images of Earth with her son. Ivie knew something wasn’t right and set up a Facebook group to try to find the family whose most private moments were being streamed across the Internet.

The live-stream of Jennifer’s daughters’ bedroom had been up since at least July 27th and had 571 “likes” before being taken down. “So I know for a fact 571 people have been staring at my kids,” she told ABC, “probably more." Though the family is happy to have this creepy episode behind them, the girls are no longer allowed on the Internet. You have to wonder if maybe that’s a good thing. Or maybe they should have just thought twice about putting a video camera in their kids' bedroom. 

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