Husband Saves Wife From Machete Wielding Wildman

"I didn’t care about myself," says brave husband. "I was going to her rescue.”

A North Carolina man is recovering from injuries suffered after defending his wife from a hooded robber who attacked her with a large, fearsome machete knife.  He was one of three thieves preying on people at a local laundromat. Though their injuries are minor, and the bandits only made off with $30 and a tablet, the couple has been shaken to their core from the incident.

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The couple, who wish to remain anonymous, were doing their laundry when the husband heard his wife scream. “All I hear is her saying ‘Please don’t do this. Please don’t hurt me.,” said the husband, “at the moment, pardon my French, but I’m going to be honest with you, I didn’t give a f*ck about anything. I didn’t care about myself.  I was going to her rescue.”

From there the fight moved outside where the husband took on the knife wielding maniac with his bare hands. He suffered bruises and lacerations on his hands, arms and face. All three thieves then raw off into the night. No arrests have been made. 

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