Insta-Famous Sisters Speak Out After Nigerian Sex Scandal

Authorities claim they created a website to cyberbully and blackmail extremely wealthy men they dated by exposing their sexual indiscretions.

Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo seemed to have it all on social media. The duo, nicknamed the "Canadian Kardashians," lived a lavish life of expensive vacations and luxury fashion— all documented on Instagram. But that changed last year when the Toronto sisters were busted as part of a Nigerian sex scandal. 

After months of silence, the Matharoos are speaking out with their side of the story. “Everyone thinks we’re missing or dead or worse,” Jyoti said in a new interview with CTV Toronto. 

The glamorous pair took more than a dozen trips to Nigeria in the past eight years, where they reportedly dated extremely wealthy men. Authorities claim they created the website,, to cyberbully and blackmail such men by exposing their sexual indiscretions. Their case made international headlines when they were accused of trying to extort Nigerian billionaire Femi Otedola. The sisters deny being behind the website and their names aren't officially included in arrest documents. They believe the Nigerian government is using them as scapegoats to cover up a scandal involving its powerful men.

After being arrested and spending a night in jail, the sisters apologized publicly and were placed under police protection at a hotel. They claim Nigerian authorities held their passports and the Canadian Embassy had to issue emergency passports for their return.

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Since leaving Nigeria on January 1, the Matharoos say they'll never return. They have missed several court dates but as there's no extradition treaty between Canada and Nigeria, it's unclear what's next legally.

Following the CTV interview, Kiran took to Instagram to post a lengthy statement on the backlash the sisters have received and her assertion that they can't get a fair trial in Nigeria.


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