Intoxicated Mom Tosses Beer Can Out Of Car In Front Of Police

Police say one of the children in the car was suffering from severe abdominal pain and had to be hospitalized. 

Chicago mom, Edith Hernandez, has been arrested after witnesses saw her tossing a beer can from a moving vehicle.  Hernandez is now facing charges of driving under the influence of alcohol, endangering the life of a child, unsafe opening of a door in traffic, littering on the roadway, and driving with no vehicle insurance.  According to NBC Chicago, an officer noticed Hernandez's car had it's door open and was moving when suddenly a beer can was tossed from the vehicle. When police investigated the car, Hernandez was allegedly found to have been intoxicated, despite having three children in the back seat. 

Police stopped the car, a 1999 Chevy van, and found Hernandez smelling distinctly of alcohol. Police added that she was unable to converse and had glossy, bloodshot eyes.

Hernandez allegedly said that she was coming home from a nearby party and was in a rush because one of the children in her car was sick. Police described the child as being in “severe abdominal pain." Paramedics soon arrived and transported the sick girl, who was 17, to a nearby hospital and arranged for relatives to meet the girl there. Relatives were also assigned to get the other children, a nine-year-old and an 11-year-old, back home safely. The New York Post adds that another man was in the car at the time as well.

“This is a typical holiday DUI arrest where individuals party all weekend long, get into their car and attempt to drive home—and in this case with children—thinking that there will be no consequences,” said Riverside Police Chieft Thomas Weitzel. “Fortunately, no one was injured and this individual was stopped and arrested before either she or anyone in her vehicle could be seriously injured. Let alone the fact that she could have easily struck an innocent motorist while traveling to Streator.”

Police say Hernandez failed a sobriety test by a significant margin. The legal limit for a driver is a .08, and Hernandez allegedly blew a .96. She allegedly reported that she had consumed four beers earlier in the day.

Hernandez is due in court July 7th.

[Photo: Riverside Police Dept.]

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