Is Ciara the Curse of Russell Wilson? Seattle Seahawks Fans Think So

Singer gets blamed for team's losing streak. What a time to be alive.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Is Ciara the reason the Seattle Seahawks suck? The NFL team lost again this weekend and fans are squarely blaming the singer—who dates player Russell Wilson--- for the losing streak. Because that's what dudes do. 

Fans took to social media to call for Russell to drop his gorgeous gal.

Yes. Apparently, #CiaraCurse is a thing.

Some joked that Russell should end his celibate relationship so he can be like rapper Future, Ciara’s ex-boyfriend who seems to be doing nothing but winning this year. Oof.

CiCi is well aware that people feel a way about her and Russell. The classy lady that she is, she doesn’t pay her 'Yoko-ization' any mind. “You know what? It comes with territory. I think that this is a job; I wake up every day doing exactly what I love and what I dreamed of. So the best thing to do is focus on that,” she says. “You also realize when people say negative things about you [that] you’re still living your dream. When people say those types of comments, you know, that’s silly. It’s clearly silly.”

Even yesterday, Ciara was repping for her boo at the game.

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