Is She A BFF Or A Control Freak? Here Is Your Ultimate Guide to Mom Types

Watch them all on #FixMyMom

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Moms are the best but sometimes they can be…well, interesting. Every mom is different and unless you grew up in a TV sitcom, you probably had to deal with your mother’s personality and many quirks. Our new show, Fix My Mom, features all kinds of moms, like the margarita loving Party Girl or the overly-involved BFF. (Watch a sneak peek here). What kind of mom do you have?


Let’s be best friends! We all know this mom. She wants to be involved, like, super involved in your life. She begs you to tell her everything. Boys, clothes, selfies? She needs to know it all.

The Hard-Ass

You better check yourself with the Hard-Ass. She’s no-nonsense …and a little bit scary. When she tells you how it’s going to be, she isn’t asking. 

The Party Girl…er… Woman

Where the party at? The Party Girl (or Party Woman) is always looking for a good time. She always has margarita mix on deck. You love her laid back vibe until she totally embarrasses you by doing the Nae Nae. 

The Kid (Again)

Age ain’t nothing but a number. This mom is living her second childhood. She may be middle-aged but she wants to know all the hottest trends and lingo. Be careful--she may start dating a guy your age.

The Control Freak

Mother, may I? The Control Freak is looking over your shoulder to control every damn thing. Cut your hair. Dump that guy. That shirt makes you look cheap. No matter your age, this Tiger Mom wants to run your life like it’s her job. 

Watch all these moms in action on Fix My Mom premiering Tuesday, October 27 at 9/8c.

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