Jealous Ex Boyfriend Lured And Killed Love Rival By Posing As A Woman On Facebook

By Gina Tron

Jason Rodriguez was a popular 19-year-old student and bodybuilder at Valencia College in Orange County, Florida. In 2011, he began chatting with a woman named Ty Ann on Facebook. She had friend requested him and began sending him flirty messages. She seemed to be very attracted to the coed. For Jason, the feeling was mutual. A little suspicious that she seemed too good to be true, Jason arranged to video chat the internet vixen. She complied and Jason was happy that she seemed real. After their video chat, Jason (pictured above) further pursued the woman and they made a date to meet. On the night he arranged to meet Ty Ann, Jason texted his friends where he was going, which was out of character for him.

“The night that Jason went to go meet up with Ty Ann he text two of his roommates, let them know exactly where he was going, provided them with an address, and even said, ‘I’ll text you in five minutes if I’m alright,’” Bianca Prieto, former journalist for the Orlando Sentinel told “#KillerPost.”

He drove up to the address that Ty Ann gave him—where he was fatally shot in his car.

After the murder, police searched through Jason’s phone and email logs and they began to pursue Ty Ann. After months of tracking her down, they discovered that Ty Ann was not a woman interested in romance. Instead, the person behind the Facebook profile was Israel Nieves, who was a jealous ex boyfriend of a girl who dated Rodriguez. He emailed this photo to his ex the night he killed Jason:

He was dedicated to seeking revenge on the popular student. He even asked a friend to pose as Ty Ann in the video chat, reported GizmodoAccording to the Orlando Sentinel, Israel (pictured below) is now serving a life sentence after being convicted in 2013 of second-degree murder for the death of Jason.

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