Man Dangles Infant Out Of High-Rise Window For “Likes” On Facebook

But could the photo have been manipulated?

An Algerian man was sentenced to two years in prison for dangling an infant boy out of a 15th-floor window and posting a photo of the act on Facebook with the caption “1,000 likes or I will drop him,” BBC reported.

The man, who is a relative of the baby, was arrested on Sunday and quickly sentenced to two years in prison by an Algerian court on Monday.

The man claimed that the image had been Photoshopped by other social media users.

"The picture was taken in a balcony with protective barriers. These were removed," he was quoted as saying.

The image actually does appear to be manipulated, in my amateur opinion from years of spotting Khloe Kardashian’s horrible Photoshop jobs on Instagram. Look at the smudges along the building in the background, and particularly at how one line along the side of the building appears to curve.

Holding a baby by the shirt is certainly bad all on its own—the child could have been strangled. But considering that the BBC reported that the judge ruled—in a legal proceeding that lasted all of a single day from arrest to sentencing—on the basis of that photo, something isn’t right here.

[Image: Facebook]

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