Man Says Trump Gave Him Permission To Go On Anti-Gay Rant Inside Pro-Gay Church

“It’s a challenge to make sure we respond with love and with grace instead of responding hate for hate."

The Community Christian Church in Tempeh, Arizona sounds like a nice place! They got a rainbow flag hanging outside! That's a nice thing for a church to have. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks so.


Interrupting a meeting, some homophobe stormed into the Church to make inflammatory and aggressive anti-gay statements. According to AZFamily: "He [also] threatened to pay people to protest outside the church and spread lies about pedophilia among the congregation."

“It made me so angry and afraid for our country,” said Pastor Doug Bland, who works at the church. “He said that if Hillary would have won he would have driven right on by the church without stopping, but because Trump won he felt he had permission to say and act the way he wanted to expressing the hate that he had for this particular group of people,” Bland added.

As a symbolic retort to the hatred, the Church has hung up a banner that reads “Lovers in a Dangerous Time."

“I think it’s a challenge to us to make sure we respond with love and with grace instead of responding hate for hate. No matter when we’re living there’s always going to be some kind of cloud hanging over us, conflict we have to face. Right now the division in our country over what does a real democracy look like and how can we be citizens together and move forward as a nation is sort of the cloud that we’re facing. This is a good opportunity for us to really practice what we preach. I hear it as this is really the heart of who we are, that the hate-filled language and acts are an exception to the rule," Bland continued.

Luckily, in the moment, an employee of the church was able to de-escalate the situation and convinced the hostile stranger to leave on his own accord. The Community Christian Church is now warning other local religious establishments to expect similar interruptions.

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