Man Shoots Woman In The Face Multiple Times, Claiming She's His Father In Disguise

Joseph Saur claimed his father had gotten a sex-reassignment surgery to hide from the law.

A Colorado man accused of fatally shooting a woman in the face did so because, he told detectives, he believed that she had been his father after a sex-reassignment surgery.

Joseph Saur, 19, was “clearly under the influence of some kind of drug,” authorities claimed, after he arrived at a police station on Sunday to report that he had killed his father in self-defense. 

Saur claimed that his father had undergone sex-reassignment surgery in order to hide from the law, according to local reports.

“Joseph stated he acted in self-defense by shooting his father, (who) he explained had done bad things,” the police affidavit said. “Joseph said his father became a female to hide his identity to keep from being caught.”

His actual victim, Patience R. Stewart, 28, was reportedly shot multiple times in the face while lying in bed in her camper. 

“Joseph stated he grabbed a gun and shot Patience in self-defense,” according to the arrest document. “Joseph said Patience was getting mad at him and was figuring out that Joseph ‘knew’ about this new identity.”

Saur claimed that before he shot, he thought Stewart was going to grab a gun. Police claimed that nothing in the camper indicated a struggle.

As Saur left the scene of the attack, he allegedly disposed of a 9mm handgun and walked to the police department. Police are not sure whether Saur and Stewart knew each other. 

Saur’s father — still alive — reportedly told investigators that Saur abused methamphetamine. The 19-year-old is facing charges of first-degree murder.

[Image: Olathe Police]

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