Man Tripping On LSD Saves Neighbor’s Dog From Imaginary Fire

There was no fire.

Drugs make people do the darnedest things. Police say an Upstate New York man went to great lengths to alert neighbors of a four-alarm blaze in the neighborhood and broke into one of their houses to save a dog trapped inside the fiery inferno. The only problem was that the fire was all in his head, a hallucination brought on after he had gotten high as a kite on a mixture of LSD and cough syrup.

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According to witnesses, 43-year-old Michael Orchard of Halfmoon, NY ran door-to-door last Thursday evening, warning them of the fire. They ignored him since he had a reputation as a trouble-maker and there was no fire as far as anyone could tell. Undeterred, he then drove his BMW car through the fence of the house he thought was ablaze and smashed in its back door in order to rescue the family dog he thought was trapped inside the conflagration. When cops arrived they found Orchard in the front yard, proudly holding the dog he thought he saved. Then they arrested him.

Orchard reportedly was cooperative with police and told them earlier in the afternoon he had taken a hit of the hallucinogen Lysergic acid diethylamide, more commonly known as LSD, and washed it down with cough syrup, which also produces a high when taken in large amounts. Neighbors said they were scared of him and that he a history of destroying other people’s property. He has been charged with second-degree burglary and third-degree criminal mischief and put in county jail on $15,000 bail.



Source: WNYT Albany

Photo: News Channel 13



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