Man Who Killed University Of Utah Student Tried To Kill Other Man With Crossbow But Ended Up Slitting His Throat

A killer couple went on a two-state crime spree, claiming two victims. 

The violent 24-year-old felon who killed a University Of Utah Student during an unsuccessful carjacking killed another victim days earlier, according to The Salt Lake Tribune. After being arrested for the October 30 murder of Chenwei Guo in Salt Lake City, killer Austin Boutain confessed to the October 27 murder of Mitchell Bradford Ingle in Colorado. Ingle was staying in a trailer at the Clear Creek RV Park in Golden, Colorado when he met Boutain and his wife Kathleen, who were camping under a bridge nearby.

Ingle had previously bought marijuana off Austin Boutain, and on the night of his murder was smoking pot and drinking stolen whiskey with the couple. According to The Denver Post, Boutain was angered after Ingle made sexually charged comments towards his wife. After Ingle went to bed, the couple to decide to kill him and steal his belongings.

Austin Boutain shot at the sleeping Ingle with a crossbow, however, it failed to puncture the skin. Austin played it off, saying he had tapped him to ask about how the bathroom worked, according to a police affidavit. When Ingle got up to investigate, Austin slit his throat. They had intended to steal the dead man’s trailer but decided it was too bloody and stole his pickup truck and three guns instead. After giving away the truck to another drifter couple, the Boutains camped out in Red Butte Canyon, outside Salt Lake City, and hatched a new plan. They would kidnap someone with a car, drive with them to Tennessee, living off their hostage’s ATM and credit cards, and then kill them when they reached their destination.

The couple then staked out a nearby parking lot, awaiting the perfect victim. As the day wore on, Kathleen Boutains became impatient and the couple had a fight, during  which he pistol whipped her. She ran off, eventually telling police at the nearby University of Utah he had killed a man and was planning to kill again to get a car. Soon thereafter, 23-year-old Chenwei Guo, a computer science student from China, pulled into the parking area. 

Austin approached the car and knocked on the window but there was no response. When Guo began trying to make a u-turn, Austin shot at the car until he ran out of bullets. Guo died from a gunshot wound to the neck. His friend called the police and fled after Austin tried to retrieve her phone which she had thrown down to distract him.

Hearing gun shots, university police put the campus on lockdown and police began searching the hills nearby. Boutain avoided capture until the 14-hour manhunt was called off, but just 30 minutes later was observed in a Salt Lake City public library and taken into custody. 

Prosecutors in Salt Lake City charged Austin Boutain Thursday with aggravated murder as well as attempted murder, kidnapping, robbery and 10 other felonies. Kathleen Boutain, meanwhile, was charged with three counts of first-degree felony criminal solicitation and three counts of second-degree theft. She faces life in prison if convicted, while her husband faces the death penalty. Kathleen is being held on $1 million bail. Austin is being held without bail. They still face pending charges in Colorado.

[Photo: Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office]

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