Martinis & Murder Celebrates 100,000 Streams

John, Daryn and mysterious bartender Matt thank you for your support!

This week, Oxygen's new podcast Martinis & Murder hit a mega milestone: over 100,000 streams! To say thank you to the fans, the co-hosts and bartender Matt, pictured as a reindeer, posed for a quick picture.

Co-host John was particularly excited for what's to come with the podcast. "It's so exciting to have reached 100,000 streams so quickly in just 7 episodes. We love hearing from people who have expressed their love of the show and it really keeps us motivated to make more. Hopefully, we get to 200,000 before Matt murders us, which seems to almost happen on every episode."

Make sure you've subscribed to Martinis & Murder on iTunes, Google Play or SoundCloud. New episodes post every Monday! For now, get caught up in the playlist below.


Hosts Daryn Carp and John Thrasher chat about creepy crimes and mysterious murders... while mixing up martinis! Each episode will focus on a new crime, the crazy details and the theories about how -- and why -- it all went down.