Meet All The Women Of 'In Progress 52'

52 weeks, 52 outstanding women featured on Oxygen.

By Jazzi Johnson

In 2016, Oxygen's Very Real digital hub is featuring 52 outstanding millennial women: that's one woman a week, for 52 weeks. Below is a list of everyone featured so far. Each woman hails from a different walk of life, passion and background -- but they all have one thing in common: they're doing mindblowing things.

The list is still growing, so be sure to check back each week!

1. . Megan Amram

After graduating from Harvard in 2010, Megan Amram began unleashing razor-sharp, weirdo dark comedy on her Twitter account every day. By the time she moved to L.A. a few months later, she had already developed a large network—including other comics and writers—on the strength of her tweets alone. As her following grew and grew (it now exceeds 500K and counting) her renown earned her writing credits for Parks and RecreationA.N.T. Farm, The 83rd Academy Awards, and Silicon Valley. She is the author of the comedy textbook Science for Her! as well as this hilarious essay in The New York Times. Incidentally, she's also made quite a few lists of "comedy people to watch," and it's easy to see why. [Read more here...]

2. . Yana Gilbuena

The old saying goes that necessity is the mother of invention and, driven by the lack of options when it came to Filipino food, Yana Gilbeuna created the Salo Project: a series of Filipino-themed pop-up dinners. Pop-up dinners, sometimes known as underground restaurants, are spontaneous dining events held in unconventional spaces - picture a dinner party at an abandoned factory or the eclectic dining room of a friend-of-a-friend. They have become an increasingly popular way for curious foodies to try new and interesting foods in an intimate setting. The unique dining format was the perfect fit for Yana's goal of introducing the world to everything Filipino food had to offer. [Read more here...]

3. . Lanakila MacNaughton

Lanakila MacNaughton is the brains and talent behind the Women's Moto Exhibit, a touring and ever-growing project aimed at telling the stories of the real badass women who ride motorcycles through the medium of photography. From Portland, Lanakila, pictured above, who is 27 years old, began her project as a way to stay sober from drinking after rehab. Now, she’s branching out into producing events and a clothing line for women who bike—and she's helping to change perceptions of the culture along the way. [Read more here...]

4. . Leiomy Maldonado

Back in 2009, long before Laverne Cox or Caitlyn Jenner graced the small screen, Leiomy Maldonado was one of the only positive representations of transgender women on mainstream television, and her empowered gang of openly gay, fiercely proud friends were so far from anything else seen on TV, ever. Leiomy would go on to appear in and choreograph the Willow Smith video for "Whip My Hair," and her signature hair flip move "The Leiomy Lolly"  would be adopted byBeyonce, Lady Gaga, and Britney Spears. She is slated to work on projects with  FKA TwigsIcona Pop, and Cocorosiemaking Leiomy a voguing go-to for a wide range of pop artists. [Read more here...]

5. . Alice Brooks & Bettina Chen

Friends and fellow Stanford grads Alice Brooks and Bettina Chen are on a mission, and that mission is clear: to encourage more girls and women to get into engineering. Women's involvement in STEM - science, technology, engineering, and math - fields are criminally low; less than 15% of women in this country go to college intending to major in a STEM field. Alice and Bettina are hoping to change that though, and their medium of choice for tackling this problem? Toys - dollhouses, specifically. [Read more here...]

6. . Tatyana Fazlalizadeh

Tatyana Fazlalizadeh's street art project Stop Telling Women To Smile addresses gender-based street harassment through public art. Chances are you've seen viral images of one of her powerful posters online: hand drawn portraits of women that pair their image with their words on street harassment and womanhood. "Stop telling women to smile." "My outfit is not an invitation." "Women are not outside for your entertainment." [Read more here...]

7. . Evita Robinson

Evita Robinson is the brains behind the Nomadness Travel Tribe, an online community made up of diverse travelers from all around the world looking to connect with like-minded folks. Since its 2011 launch, membership numbers have grown to the tens of thousands, and its growing popularity puts Robinson in the center of the burgeoning black travel movement. [Read more here...]

8. . Mia Yim

One of the newer faces of women's wrestling is Jade AKA Mia Yim, a fierce combatant and outspoken brawler on both television (as part of Total Nonstop Action) and the independent circuits. At only 26, Yim's career is rather prolific, having been a part of several underground leagues including Ring of Honor (ROH), Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW), and Shimmer Women Athletes, all the while maintaining a completely seperate full time career. [Read more here...]

9. . Kimari Brand

Kimari Brand may hail from Texas, but she’s never been into the “southern Belle” archetype. Born in California and raised in Dallas, Brand has been twerking since it was called the “tootsie roll” and the “butterfly” in the 90’s. Since then, she’s transformed her expertise in rump-shaking into a vehicle for girl power as the original Twerk Scholar. [Read more here...]

10. . Crimson Kitty

Crimson Kitty is New York's premier female drag queen. While drag itself may be designed to question our very core notions of gender, it is the gender that Crimson was born into that makes her so groundbreaking. Despite (or perhaps because) of the fact that she is a biological female, Crimson can keep up with the other queens -- sometimes she can even beat them at their own game. [Read more here...

11. . Christine Nangle

Christine Nangle is a five-time Emmy nominated comedy writer whose credits include three years as a staff writer at Saturday Night Live, Kroll Show, Playing House, and, most recently, Inside Amy Schumer, for which she received the prestigious Peabody AwardShe is a proud alumna of The Upright Citizens Brigade in New York, which put her in the mix of such fine friends as comedian/actress Abby Elliot, who helped Nangle translate her natural writing talent into her first big time job—a coveted staff writer position at Saturday Night Live. Whew. Currently splitting her time between New York City and Los Angeles, we caught up with the Philadelphia native (see The Nick Kroll Show’s “Pawnsylvania”) to get the skinny on being a big fat deal in the comedy world. [Read more here...]

12. . Dai Burger

Indie rap is perhaps more consistently showcasing female talent. One of those rising stars is Dai Burger. Despite being named as one of Rolling Stone's artists to watch and covered by nearly every music blog (from Noisey to Pitchfork to MTV) while touring internationally and constantly being acclaimed as a paragon of street style, Dai still proudly wears her subterranean status as a badge of honor. [Read more here...]

13. . Payal Kadakia

One startup founder and CEO continuously stands out through her tenacity and passion, not to mention incredible success. Her name is Payal Kadakia, and her app ClassPass is revolutionizing exercise around the world. For a flat fee, users can sign up with ClassPass and have access to a wide range of gym classes in their area: from yoga to aqua cycling, from trampoline to dodgeball. [Read more here...]

14. . Rosie Kaller

I’m here with Rosie Kaller, producer extraodinaire, and a human being who was born in the 90s. Don’t be fooled by her youth, however, Kaller’s impressive resume includes stints with College Humor, Upright Citizens Brigade, and her current position as Head of Production at She was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to answer a couple of questions. [Read more here...]

15. . Florence Adepoju 

At 17, Florence Adepoju was figuring out her calling. Though she had a growing interest in science and an unrelenting passion for bold makeup, it would be some time before she landed on a way to combine her interests. Years later, at age 24, the UK-born Adepoju (nickname "Flow") now has a degree in cosmetic science from the London College of Fashion and her own line of super successful cosmetics, MDMFlow (for "Madame Flow"). It all started with the constant dissatisfaction she experienced at makeup counters. [Read more here...]

16. . Juliana Pache

Juliana Pache is a writer, singer, womanist, and, depending on when you ask her, she may even identify as an activist. It's a title that most would feel she's earned. As the creator of #BlackLatinxHistory, she's making history with a hashtag. [Read more here...]

17. . Jenny Dorsey

"I, Jenny Dorsey, came to New York City straight from college, eager to become someone new. A career in fashion consulting seemed so glitzy then. Everyday, I pored over clothes, makeup, parties. I thought once I perfected each element, I would finally have the glamorous life I so desperately wanted. A year later, my life was perfect – at least, according to Facebook. I was on track to a promotion and raise at work, I owned expensive clothes I couldn’t afford, and I had just been accepted early-decision as one of the youngest candidates to Columbia Business School." [Read more here...]

18. . Dana Williams

The first thing you need to know about Dana Williams is that she has the voice of an angel. You could say that music is in her blood. Her father, David Williams, who died six years ago, was Michael Jackson’s lifetime guitarist, and Dana has wanted to be a musician for as long as she can remember. But the path to being a professional in the music industry today is far different than it was in her father’s time. While Dana, 26, has released two EPs, has a hefty social following (30K on YouTube alone), starred in an epic Apple commercial, competed on an ABC television singing competition, had a song featured in the movie “Whiplash,” and happens to look like a model (not an insignificant thing in the music industry—let’s be honest), the singer and songwriter has yet to sign a contract with a label. Like many young musicians, Dana is writing her own rules. She’s forging a new path. [Read more here...]

19. . Deepica Mutyala

Meet Deepica Mutyala, the beauty genius who let this secret out of the makeup bag. With over 9 million views (and counting), her viral video catapulted the Texas native out of a 9-to-5 job into a career as an on-air beauty expert and YouTube personality. With appearances on The Today Show and collaborations with major brands, Deepica is using her newfound fame to empower young women and change the face of beauty. [Read more here...]

20. . Signe Pierce

Neon-lit motels, abandoned food courts, oil-slicked puddles, the Hollywood walk of fame, sleazy t-shirt shops on South Carolinian boardwalks: these are the haunts of contemporary artist, photographer, videographer, and performer Signe Pierce. Inspired by consumer products and mass media, Pierce is fighting against a visual culture of misogyny -- one pink and purple snapshot at a time. Garnering notable attention for her breakthrough viral video "American Reflexxx," Pierce is taking on art world chauvinism and looking to reclaim the beauty of girlishness. [Read more here...]

21. . Amber Maykut

For Amber Maykut, death is an everyday part of life. A champion taxidermist and oddity enthusiast, Amber's ghastly hobbies have turned into a rather successful career, with Maykut now employed as The Morbid Anatomy Museum's taxidermist in residence. She also runs her own private taxidermy business via Etsy out of her apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. [Read more here...]

22. . Radha Agrawal 

Radha Agrawal is a renaissance woman. The serial entrepreneur and Cornell University grad has been named “one of eight women who will change the world” by MTV and one of 20 “Millennials on a Mission." Side hustles? She has more than a few. The multi-hyphenate has started businesses--often with twin sis Miki--ranging from Thinx, the breakout underwear brand that’s changing the way women think about their periods, to nutrition company Super Sprowtz. If it’s cool and quirky, Radha is about it. It’s no surprise then that the New York City-based entrepreneur has people up and dancing at the crack of dawn with Daybreaker. [Read more here...]

23. . Lisa Sun

Every woman needs a little black dress -- but not every woman loves dress shopping. Lisa Sun wants to change that. As founder and CEO of Project Gravitas, Lisa believes that there's a perfect dress to flatter every shape and figure--no Spanx required! [Read more here...]

24. . Remy Holwick

Remy Holwick is a Brooklyn-based photographer whose work explores the intersection of art, documentary, and fashion, with a particular interest in fringe feminine populations worldwide. It makes sense then that her photography wasn't what we ended up talking about about. [Read more here...]

25. . Ashley Wellington-Fahey 

When Ashley Wellington-Fahey was a kid, she’d tell people that she wanted to grow up to be the Katie Couric of the Seattle Mariners. The fact that she thought one baseball team needed a dedicated journalist shows both her passionate fandom, and the need for girls to invent the jobs they wanted for themselves in that world. Now Wellington-Fahey and fellow co-founder Erica Boeke are launching The Relish, an online community for women sports fans who had no space for themselves in the conversation until now. For both of them, it has been a long journey. [Read more here...]

26. . Mallorie Dunn

My name is Mallorie Dunn. I am privileged. On a lot of levels. I’m a white woman who is thin, yet still has curves “in the right places” (thanks, Meghan Trainor!) I have a symmetrical face, healthy hair, clear skin – all the makings of someone who is socially attractive. In fact, people have paid me to model their clothing. I’m cis gendered and identify as heterosexual. I am not attempting to brag – none of these things are aspects I personally value highly – I’m just stating facts. I have all of this privilege – and here’s the important statement – I know it. [Read more here...]

27. . Sarah Gaugler

Sarah Gaugler's flash sheets reveal a handful of disparate images, seemingly unconnected but immediately intriguing: giant beetles with intricate wings, abstract crystalline designs, intricate swirly patterns, menacing skulls, cartoony cats with spiky fur, the occasional Totoro. These are the creatures and motifs of this tattoo ingenue's world: sometimes dark, always spirited, vaguely whimsical, and deeply optimistic. Having overcome immense adversity to become a darling of the body modification world and a successful musician and model, Sarah's painful story and her almost Buddhistic serenity despite her immense struggles make her one of the most inspirational artists working today. [Read more here...]

28. . Claire Sulmers

Claire Sulmers started her wildly popular website Fashion Bomb Daily in 2006 largely as a hobby. Ten years later, it’s obvious that people do care. A lot. Her editorial staff has expanded to ten people. She has hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, and has received shout-outs from celebrities like Sean Combs, Taraji P. Henson, and Kerry Washington. The Fashion Bomb Daily is now the "web's number one destination for multicultural fashion," covering celebrity style, events and every day looks and news. There's even a popular YouTube channel called Fashion Bomb TV where you can find celebrity interviews and behind the scenes footage of parties and shows. [Read more here...]

29. . Jamie Broadnax

It all started with a simple Google search. In 2012, Jamie Broadnax - film buff and self-described nerd extraordinaire - began to notice that geek and nerd culture was steadily becoming more mainstream. Still, suspiciously absent was any hint of diversity in the comics (and the resulting comic books movies), in TV series being hailed as progressive, and in the popular voices representing the fan community. While being a nerd was starting to become socially acceptable, apparently being anything but white and male was still off-limits. When it came to finding viewpoints like hers, all Broadnax found was empty space. [Read more here...]

30. . Jenny Han

Jenny Han is a New York Times Bestselling Author. She wrote her first published book while still in college. Since then, she has written another children’s book, two trilogies, and co-wrote another trilogy with her best friend. Basically, Jenny Han is really, really good at what she does. Perhaps a young, female, Asian-American bestselling YA author is unique in and of itself, but the real pull of Jenny Han is her ability to engage young readers throughout her prolific career. Jenny Han is a writer. She writes. And she doesn't stop. [Read more here...]

31. . Fadia Kader

When you walk the streets of New York - or even certain cities worldwide in places such as Greece, Japan, Italy, Canada, Brazil, and Jordan to name a few - you may come across stenciled graffiti art that reads "Protect Your Magic." It's the trademarked slogan Fadia Kader not only popularized on social media -- garnering tens of thousands of followers -- but she catapulted the slogan into a full-on inspirational brand. [Read more here...]

32. . TT The Artist

For some, club music is what you hear while turning up. For others, club music is a lifestyle -- an entire culture and community of shared enthusiasm and unexpected positivity. One of the loudest female voices in the world of club music, specifically Baltimore Club music, is TT The Artist. This pioneer's hard hitting dance jams have subtly influenced the sounds of hip hop and rap for almost a decade. Known for her notoriously raunchy lyrics and aggressive dance tracks, TT just dropped her debut LP, Queen Of The Beat, last week. We took some time to chat with the underground legend about everything from the challenges of the indie music world, to the LGBT rap game, to the politics of the business. [Read more here...]

33. . Nikisha Brunson

Don't let Nikisha Brunson's success fool you. The co-founder of Urban Bush Babes, a popular hub for natural hair, she appears effortless: poised, gorgeous and living every creative millennial's dream. But Nikisha's journey has been a long one, one of self-reflection and honesty. "It's been a long time in the making," she says. [Read more here...]

34. . Cipriana Quann

One of two, Ciprianna Quann is recognized as a queen of natural hair by the who's who of style. But the 28-year-olds is more than just a pretty face. The Maryland natives are multi-hyphenate entrepreneurs with their natural hair blog Urban Bush Babes and creative pursuits that include modeling, writing, and music. Whatever they do, it's with fearless confidence, beauty and of course, killer hair. [Read more here...]

35. . TK Wonder

One of two, TK Wonder is recognized as a queen of natural hair by the who's who of style. But the 28-year-old is more than just a pretty face. The Maryland natives are multi-hyphenate entrepreneurs with their natural hair blog Urban Bush Babes and creative pursuits that include modeling, writing, and music. Whatever they do, it's with fearless confidence, beauty and of course, killer hair. [Read more here...]

36. . Andia Winslow

As a professional athlete, personal trainer, and ambassador for the American Heart Association, Andia Winslow's main goal now is to educate the masses - particularly those who lack financial resources - with ways that they can get it in where they can fit it in. That's working out no matter where you are and where you may go, whether it's in the gym or "weird" places like on the train, at the job, in the kitchen, or waiting for your number to be called at the DMV. From hosting her very own Olympics workout at Crunch Gym, to planning a return to the pro-athlete world, Winslow is dedicated to transforming lifestyles in fun and impactful ways, no matter your shape, size, tax bracket, or daily schedule. [Read more here...]

37. . Letticia Martinez

Letticia Martinez is legally blind. Diagnosed with Leber's Congenital Amaurosis at the age of 3, Martinez's retinas are steadily disintegrating due to the degenerative disease. She's also color blind, so learning to swim presented a unique challenge. Particularly, swimming competitively is never easy, especially if your prior experience begins and ends with dog paddling in kiddie pools as a child, but the real challenge for Martinez went deeper: she wasn't able to see the walls on each end of the pool. Still, she found herself as a Paralympian. [Read more here...]

38. . UNIIIQU3

Most people don't think of New Jersey as a huge source of inspiration and cultural output in terms of the arts: and yet it's the world of Jersey Club music that has become one of the biggest influences on contemporary hip hop and dance music culture. After almost two decades of existing in the underground, The Jersey Club scene exploded internationally within the past few years, drawing the eyes and ears of mainstream producers like BrenmarBaauer, and Diplo. This new young generation of Jersey Club DJs have become surprising forces of positivity in the EDM and hip hop worlds. At the forefront of all of this is DJ, producer, and vocalist UNIIQU3. An outspoken proponent of female and LGBT collaboration, UNIIQU3 is paving the way for future generations of dance enthusiasts. [Read more here...]

39. . Aparna Nancherla

Aparna Nancherla's been working as a comedy writer since 2012, starting at Totally Biased with Kamau Bell, going on to work at Late Night with Seth Myers. She also appeared on Inside Amy Schumer and recently recorded a half-hour comedy special that aired on Comedy Central in early September. Nancherla’s comedy album Just Putting It Out There was released in July on Tig Notaro’s label imprint, Bentzen Ball Records. [Read more here...]

40. . Kaila Mullady

You can hear Kaila Mullady's mouth noises long before she actually enters a room. That's because Kaila's mouth never stops: the clicks, bleeps, trills, and hums of her a capella music are basically a perpetual nervous tic for this champion beatboxer. Named a 3-time Beat Rhyme Champion, 2 Time Loop Station Champion, Vice American Champion, and the 2015 Female World Beatbox Champion, Kaila is reinvigorating the art of beatboxing with her unique blend of theater, poetry, and vocal instrumentation. [Read more here...]

41. . Haben Girma

Haben Girma is a deaf-blind person – as well as a brilliant, self-sufficient star – and I didn’t really know how to deal with that at first. I fell into the same traps that befuddle many people who meet her. I was riddled with curiosity about this woman who became the first deaf-blind person to graduate from Harvard Law School, who was honored by Obama at the White House, who schools developers for Apple on accessibility, and who surfs the ocean’s waves in her down time. That is an impressive resume, regardless of able-status. ‘How did she do it -- like, physically how did she do it all?’ I wondered. ‘How is she corresponding with me so reliably?’ 'How does she navigate the world without the senses I rely on so heavily?’ [Read more here...]

42. . Abbi Crutchfield

Abbi Crutchfield is the perfect host for truTV’s new show You Can Do Better, a mix of “sketch, how-to, man-on-the-street and expert interviews” that attempts to educate viewers on all the lifehacks they’ve somehow missed. Crutchfield is an eclectic comedian herself, as comfortable hosting her own stand-up show as she is creating memes for her thousands of followers on Instagram -- and elaborate manicures for her other Instagram. She also has 35,000 followers on Twitter, where she pours out jokes during her seemingly non-existent downtime. Basically, Abbi Crutchfield can and does do everything, and she even took the time to talk with Oxygen about how she got where she is. [Read more here...]

43. . Natalie Chan

Unlike the Baby Boomer generation, young workers aren’t expecting to be in one job—or even in one career—for the rest of their lives. Some don’t even see regular office hours in their futures. Work these days is often a hustle, especially in creative and tech industries, and more than ever, what we call our careers are more like fluid journeys of constant learning, change, and growth. No one understands this better than Natalie Chan, the co-founder of Bat Haus. [Read more here...]

44. . Gary Carmichael and Goldie Peacock

The question has been asked before, but it's worth asking again: what is drag, anyway? While queens on mainstream TV shows like RuPaul's Drag Race have shown us one aspect of the artform, other drag artists in the underground are still struggling for acceptance and equality. Drag kings, who often perform and compete alongside drag queens, find themselves lacking visibility in mainstream media. As drag evolves, they see hope for the future of masculine and gender-bending performance art. [Read more here...]

45. . Lane Moore

It’s difficult to narrow down everything Lane Moore does. Her most obvious line of work is comedy, having been named one of the funniest people on Twitter by Paste Magazine and was on BUST Magazine’s list of the 10 Funny Ladies You Need To Be Watching. But Moore is also a musician: her band It Was Romance was listed by Pitchfork as one of 2015’s albums to watch. She also works as a writer and an editor for various feminist publications, winning a GLAAD award in 2016 for her work with Cosmopolitan for Best Overall Magazine Coverage. With all that, Moore still manages to fill audiences for her live comedy shows, like Tinder Live, an interactive show about Tinder. [Read more here...]

46. . Shawnelle and Shawnee Gibbs

Shawnelle and Shawnee Gibbs are co-founders of Reel Republic, a production company that specializes in, well, everything. They're writers, producers, directors, animators, and artists; they've created web series, short films, comics, and animated shorts, but no matter what hat they're wearing during any particular project, they're committed to telling good stories above all else. [Read more here...]

47. . Nadya Okamoto

Nadya Okamoto is the founder of Camions of Care, a not-for-profit organization that distributes packages of feminine hygiene products to homeless women. In an era when women’s reproductive rights are under serious attack, and potentially more so under the new Trump administration, and in a world where homeless might as well mean “invisible,” Nadya’s work is essential. [Read more here...]

48. . Sian Morson

Sometimes your dreams don't work out how you expected— they're better. Sian Morson studied film at New York University but she took a left at Hollywood and landed in Silicon Valley. The technopreneur is CEO of her own company, Kollective Mobile, which develops apps for startups, entrepreneurs and agencies. "We will entertain anyone looking to build a mobile app, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups and just individual entrepreneurs," she says. "We walk them through that process." [Read more here...]

49. . Paola Mathé

Paola Mathé is the owner and creator of Fanm Djanm (pronounced "fum jum"), a headwrap company and lifestyle brand that's been inspiring women to be proud of who they are and live their lives boldly since its inception in 2014. What started out as a tiny operation — picture Mathé selling headwraps out of her apartment on the weekends — later became a powerhouse brand known as much for its dedication to uplifting women as its statement-making headpieces, and it all started with a blog. [Read more here...]

50. . Macy Rodman

Club kids in New York have seen Macy Rodman on the scene for a while — and now she's getting some viral attention from the music industry at large. The creator of the notorious (but now-defunct) Bath Salts party held in Brooklyn, New York, Miss Rodman is currently in the process of reinventing herself as an alt-pop icon. Having shifted her attention away from boundary-pushing drag to thoughtful pop music, Macy is an emerging talent in the world of underground music. 

51. . Sam Nichols

Sam Nichols lives the artsy dream. Based in Hell's Kitchen, the artist has her own pottery studio and a thriving Etsy business. Her pieces are distinct; gorgeous mugs with clean colors that just beg to be filled with almond milk lattes. She moved to New York City seven years ago without any particular artistic direction, but ceramics just called to her. [Read more here...]

52. . Patrice Banks

Always male and almost always brusque, car mechanics have a universal way of alienating women – whether they’re overcharging us, condescending to us, or forcing us to wait in a fumy garage surrounded by greasy dudes. Even though female drivers outnumber male drivers in the U.S., we’ve largely accepted this reality. Many of us even tell ourselves that we don’t belong in the mechanics industry, or that we have no business going under the hood, ever. Not Patrice Banks. She does it all in heels. [Read more here...]

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