Meth-Head Who Dissolved Cop’s Body After Sex Gets Life In Prison

Prosecutors say he used techniques he learned from the TV show 'Breaking Bad' to dismember and dispose of the body. 

A crystal meth addict who tried to dissolve the dead body of a police officer he killed during a sexual rendezvous has been sentenced to life in prison. Prosecutors allege Stefano Brizzi, 50, killed Gordon Semple, 59, after hooking up for casual sex on the gay dating app Grindr. An avid fan of the television series Breaking Bad, Brizzi then used techniques he had learned from the show to dismember Semple’s body and dissolve it in acid. It is also thought he ate parts of his victim, whose DNA was found on various cooking utensils in the kitchen of his South London apartment.

An Italian national, Brizzi had been a successful web developer before crystal meth addiction ruined his life. He regularly indulged in dominant sexual role play, including sexual asphyxiation. He had a passing interest in Satanism, and according to several witnesses, was obsessed with Breaking Bad, the AMC television drama that chronicles the ups and downs of two star-crossed crystal meth dealers. One memorable episode featured the pair disposing of a rival drug dealer’s dead body by dismembering it and dissolving the pieces in a plastic tub filled with acid.

Semple, a veteran police officer of 30 years, also participated in casual sexual hook ups of a decidedly kinky nature. Though he was supposed to be on duty, he contacted Brizzi via Grindr on April 1, saying he was, “free now for [a] hot, dirty, sleazy session.” Brizzi, who had been on a meth binge, was disappointed by Semple’s appearance and tried to solicit other men to join them for a them for a “chemsex” party. However, when an interested party rang the buzzer to his apartment, Brizzi shooed him away, saying “We’re having a situation here. Someone fell ill but we’re taking care of it. So our party is cancelled.” 

Semple’s partner reported him missing the next day, and police went to Brizzi’s apartment on April 7, after neighbors complained about the smell. Inside they found Semple’s remains in the bathtub and plastic buckets on the floor, his body parts partially eaten away by acid. Brizzi initially confessed to killing Semple because “Satan told me to,” but later changed his story, saying he accidentally choked him to death with a dog collar during rough sex. A coroner determined that the cause of death to be strangulation, which would have taken several minutes, and also found bite marks on his rib cage. In November, a jury took 30 hours to convict him. On Monday, Judge Nicholas Hilliard sentenced him to life in prison with a minimum of 24 years.

Source: The Guardian

[Photo: Metropolitan police]


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