Mom Beats Sons For Opening Christmas Gifts Early

She awoke in a rage after a night of drinking and snorting drugs. 

One of the joys of Christmas is not only getting presents, but searching the house for them and trying to figure out what you got. Two boys in Greenfield, Indiana got a little too into the holiday spirit, however, setting off a chain of events which may land their mother behind bars for years to come. Sascha Collins, 36, is charged with two counts of battery for beating her sons, ages 7 and 9, after they found their presents in her closet and opened them.

Police first became aware of the incident after the boys’ older sister came home to find them crying, with large welts on their bodies. The boys told her their mother exploded in a fit of rage after waking from a night of drinking and snorting hydrocodone when she discovered they had opened their Christmas gifts. The mother was still fuming about the incident, allegedly storming around the house, calling her children “ungrateful” and “worst kids ever,” according to court documents.

The sister went to the authorities for help. “She was put in an incredibly difficult situation,” Hancock County Prosecutor Brent Eaton told Fox 59, adding, “There’s a lot of adults put in that same situation maybe they don’t want to say something, they don’t want to rock the boat. She put somebody else’s interests in front of her own and she did what was right.” After being questioned by investigators, Collins admitted what she did, regretfully saying, “There is no excuse for it.” If convicted, she could be sentenced to 12 years in jail. [Source: Fox 59]

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