More Disturbing Details Emerge About The Las Vegas Shooter

Among 11 new details: His father was an infamous bank robber and he may not have been alone in that hotel room. 

By Gina Tron

More details are emerging about the Stephen Paddock, the man responsible for Sunday’s massacre which killed at least 58 people and injured over 500. The 64-year-old man shot rapid fire down at music festival attendees from his 32nd floor hotel suite at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

1. He tried to buy tracer ammunition

Paddock reportedly tried to buy tracer ammunition at a gun show in the Phoenix just weeks before the shooting, CNN reports. Tracer ammunition means bullets with a pyrotechnic charge which leaves an illuminated trace of its path after being fired. The vendor in Phoenix didn’t have any, and Paddock did not use any tracer rounds in the attack.

2. He’s probably psychotic, but not a psychopath

Earlier this week, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said of the killer, “I can’t get into the mind of a psychopath.” UNLV Psychology Professor Stephen Benning said that’s probably not an accurate statement.

“Psychopath has become a shorthand term for a sadistic, extraordinarily violent individual,” Benning told the Las Vegas Review Journal. “What is too often forgotten today is the impulsivity of a psychopath,” he said. “… That’s not Paddock. If there’s one thing we really know about him is that he was a planner. We just don’t have enough information to know what contributed to him doing what he did.”

Police have called the massacre "meticulously planned."

3. He would scream in bed

His longtime girlfriend Marilou Danley said Paddock “would lie in bed, just moaning and screaming, ‘Oh my God,'” according to an NBC News report. Danley also allegedly said that the shooter showed “mental health symptoms.”

4. He didn’t actually leave a suicide note

Earlier reports indicated that Paddock left behind a suicide note. Turns out, he did leave behind a note of some sort, but it wasn't a suicide note. Its details haven’t been revealed, but a suicide letter has been ruled out, according to ABC News.

5. He wired his girlfriend $100K

Paddock bought Danley a plane ticket to her native Philippines before the shooting and made sure she was there during the shooting. While overseas, Paddock wired her $100,000, according to authorities. Danley didn’t suspect mass murder. Instead, she claims she thought Paddock was breaking up with her.

6. He had his eyes on other big venues

Paddock booked hotel rooms in Chicago in early August that overlooked the venue for Lollapalooza the same week the annual music festival was held. Paddock later reserved a hotel room at a Las Vegas hotel during the Life is Beautiful festival. ABC News reports Paddock also searched for hotels around Fenway Park in Boston.

7. He had the same explosives used in terrorist attack

Almost two dozen firearms and thousands of rounds of ammunition were discovered in the shooter’s hotel room. Found in Paddock’s vehicle: multiple containers of the explosive material Tannerite and 1,600 rounds of ammunition. Tannerite was used in a 2016 bombing in New York City, which injured 31 people. The person responsible was charged him with federal terrorism.

8. He was a millionaire

Paddock was a millionaire who sold several apartment buildings, home and commercial buildings in California, Texas, Florida and Nevada. Paddock also owned at least two aircrafts.

9. His dad was a notorious bank robber

Paddock’s dad Patrick Benjamin Paddock — a.k.a. “Big Daddy” and “Chrome Dome” — was on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted list for eight years, according to New York Magazine. In 1960, he was charged with stealing $25,000 from three banks.

10. Someone else might have been in the hotel room

A room service bill shows that someone else may have been in the hotel room with Paddock, according to Metro. Police have also been trying to identify and track down a “mystery woman” who was seen with Paddock.

11. He shot at fuel tanks

Paddock reportedly fired shots at two tanks containing aviation fuel, located near the massacre site. According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, Paddock’s bullets left holes in one of the tanks.

[Photo: NBC News]

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