Mother Of 6 Stabs Mugger In The Neck With Car Keys

By carrying her keys between her knuckles, she was able to fight off a mugger.

A Texas woman fought off a mugger who punched her in the face by stabbing him in the neck with her car keys.

Jessica Collins, 27, wrote a viral Facebook post about the incident.

The mother of six went out to get her phone charger out of her car around 2:30 a.m. earlier this month. When she did, she remembered to carry her keys in-between her knuckles, according to KPRC-TV, a tip her mother taught her for safety. A man punched her in the nose after Collins grabbed her charger. She said reacted swiftly and jabbed him in the neck. The attacker then ran away, holding his neck.

“Ladies if ur going somewhere alone always always carry your keys with one between two knuckles,” she wrote on Facebook.



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