Murderer Who Dismembered Woman Says: "It Felt Great"

“I am by no means sorry about what I did," he added while laughing to himself.

Last year, Brenton Walker shot and dismembered Heather Young after meeting her in a bar in Onaway, Michigan. Now, upon being sentenced to 45 to 70 years behind bars, Walker reports that he's "never felt better in [his] life.”

According to People, Walker and Young went back to his home after a drink. When Young mentioned her boyfriend, Walker erupted with anger and shot her in the leg. Young attempted to flee, but Walker shot her again, this time killing her. He used a chainsaw to take apart her body and burned the evidence. Her remains were found a week later.

Now, Walker's ghastly testimony about the incident shows he has no remorse. In court, he admitted that he had always wanted to kill someone.

“Well now, when I was given the opportunity to follow through with something that I’ve known for a long time that I’m capable of doing, it felt great,” Walker said. “I feel vindicated because of it."

“I am by no means sorry about what I did," he added while laughing to himself.

He added that he killed Young because she reminded him of his ex-wife and some of the other women from his past.

“I hope you will never again have a pleasant day for your entire life,” said Heather's mother. “I hope you live in misery and pain for the rest of your life.”

“He said he’s happy now," said Jeffery Cunningham, Heather Young's former husband. "I would be happy to take him out, if you would let me. And I hope wherever he goes, you know, they might do that for me.”

Young's father is advocating for the death penalty in this case, although it remains illegal in Michigan. Walker had pled guilty to both murder and firearms charges as part of a deal with prosecutors.

“His actions were probably some of the most egregious actions by a perpetrator against a victim that I have experienced in my 40-some years of legal experience,” prosecutor Kenneth Radzibon said, reflecting on the trial.

[Photo: Michigan State Police]

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