Muslim Police Officer Sues NYPD Over Years Of Abuse

She was even assaulted by coworkers.

Danielle Alamrani converted to Islam a year after joining the NYPD in 2006. When she began wearing a hijab to work in 2008, Alamrani's colleagues started to harass her relentlessly. Now, after years of abuse, Alamrani is looking for (an unspecified amount of) compensation.

According to the NY Daily News, instances of abuse ranged from her being called a "terrorist" and "Taliban" by her colleagues to attempts made by other officers to pull the hijab off of her head. Alamrani found herself the butt of countless jokes, with higher-ups telling her not to “detonate on patrol." Some even refused to work with her at all.

“Also on a daily basis she would be told that she should not be a police officer, that she should not be allowed to wear the Hijab, that nobody wanted to work with her, that she was a disgrace to the NYPD and that nobody liked her along with other deriding comments,” court papers claim. At one point, she was even attacked by other policemen: “They were screaming that nobody liked (Alamrani) ... and referred to Plaintiff Alamrani as a ‘Muslim bitch’ and said ‘I will punch you in the face.'"

In 2014 Alamrani was arrested after a neighbor called to make a noise complaint about her children, a move which court papers characterized as “part of the ongoing discrimination which is encouraged by the NYPD relating to Muslim police officers."

In 2015, photos of Alamrani at a gun range were posted by coworkers, who publicly commented on the image. "[They began] deriding her and made many comments such as ‘f-----g disgrace,” calling her a "moving target" and others about how she was unfit to perform her job. Many comments included threats of violence," court papers claim.

“I think justice, if there is such a thing in our legal system, would be to hold people accountable for their actions within the NYPD, that there would be at least some disciplinary or other action taken to let people know that you can’t treat coworkers this way," said Alamrani's lawyer to NBC.

The NYPD has not yet made a comment about the suit.

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