People Are Finding Paper Butterflies With Threatening Notes Scattered All Across Seattle: 'You Are Not Safe'

The same date is printed along with each message: 9-28-17.

Origami butterflies with ominous messages have been found all around Seattle.

The colorful creations look cheerful at first, but when unfolded, the phrase “you are not safe,” is revealed. A date is printed along with the message: 9-28-17.

Even more puzzling are the illustrations, which include Russell Wilson, Kurt Cobain, the Starbucks siren, and a peace message. One of the notes features the Seattle skyline without its famous Space Needle landmark.

A website is listed on some of the papers: On it, a scramble of letters merge together to form the statement, "You Are Not Safe” while Wagner's "Das Rheingold" plays. Then, a psychedelic goat appears behind the vaguely threatening message.

The butterflies have people around the city perplexed.

“It could be a marketing gimmick for an artist or something, I don't know,” Seattle resident Henry Bridges told NBC affiliate K5.

Another resident implied that some people might be concerned about their safety on Thursday, the date indicated on the origami butterfly.

“I had some friends at Amazon say they're not going to go to work on the 28, so, Amazon, if people aren't showing up on the 28, now you know why,” Marc Shelffo said.

As of Tuesday afternoon, police had not received any calls about the ominous notes.  There is a Reddit thread dedicated to the strange occurrence.

[Photos: K5]

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