Road Rage Shooting Victim Served 10 Years For Separate Road Rage Murder

A man who was shot to death in a road rage incident in Florida had served hard time after killing a man in a seperate road rage incident 15 years earlier. 

By Benjamin H. Smith

Live by the sword, die by the sword, or should we say, live by road rage, die by road rage. That’s what happened to ill-tempered driver Gary Durham, 40, Wednesday when he tried to take a traffic dispute to the next level, getting out of his car and confronting 42-year-old Robert Padgett over a perceived driving indiscretion.  Unfortunately for Gary, Padgett was armed, as are all too many people in America today, and after warning the crop-topped, imposing 6’ tall Durham to back off, he fatally shot him. What Padgett couldn’t have known was that Durham had already served hard time for killing a man in another road rage incident 15 years earlier.

In 2001, then 26-year-old Gary Durham got into a heated confrontation after almost getting into an accident with 48-year-old Timothy Gibbs. After exchanging words, Durham followed Gibbs into a parking lot and sucker punched him. Gibbs fell and hit his head on the concrete and died from his injuries. Durham was convicted of manslaughter and served 10 years for the crime. It was his third stay in prison after previous convictions for aggravated assault, grand theft and trafficking in stolen property. As part of his sentence in the Gibbs killing he was ordered to take anger management counseling, however, it seems to have been for naught.

After shooting Durham, Robert Padgett tried to administer CPR while waiting for an EMS team to arrive. Durham was pronounced dead at the scene. Padgett has been cooperating with officials and may not face any criminal charges thanks to Florida’s controversial stand your ground law. After hearing of Durham’s death, Timothy Gibbs widow Nancy told the Tampa Bay Times, "It's a shame that he didn't learn his lesson while in jail," adding, “It's ironic that he died in the same way as my husband."

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