10 Celebrities Who Identify As Feminists

"All men should be feminists. If men care about women's rights, the world will be a better place."

Is it just me, or is “feminist” suddenly the scariest f-word in town? A Vox Poll in April of this year revealed that only 18 percent of Americans consider themselves feminists, however, 85 percent claim they believe in “equality for women.” So why the social taboo? Who knows. Personally, I’m over it. I call bullsh*t, and so do these ten of my closest feminist friends. Here are 10 celebrities who aren’t afraid of an f-bomb and are proud to wave a flag for the feminist cause.

1. . Zooey Deschanel

Hello Giggles, Hello Zooey! Star of stage and screen as well as co-founder of women-in-comedy-centric website Hello Giggles, Ms. Deschanel is a big believer that women can do whatever they want to do. In a kick-booty interview with Glamor, she defended her right to do it all, have it all, be it all: “I want to be a f--king feminist and wear a f--king Peter Pan collar. So f--king what?" Girl, I couldn’t agree with you more. About that Peter Pan collar, though… is that some sort of DIY hipster thing, because I’m not familiar with it as a cultural reference. That said, get it, boo! I will always have your back.

2. . Ellen Page

For the record, Page also gets hella points for her outspoken belief in gender equality. Her coming out speech in 2014 was Oscar-worthy, and her 2013 quote about feminism in The Guardian is rockstar chic. She says, "Feminism always gets associated with being a radical movement – good. It should be. A lot of what the radical feminists [in the 1970s] were saying, I don't disagree with it." Talk about a feminist who isn’t afraid to dive right in. Take that, toe-dippers.

3. . Beyonce

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Queen Bey, salute! Beyonce is one of the most influential entertainers in the known universe. She is out and proud about her attachment to the feminist cause, and we are more than happy to have her.

4. . John Legend

To quote the man, the myth, the John Legend himself: "All men should be feminists. If men care about women's rights, the world will be a better place." The majority of Johnny L’s street cred comes from his 2013 performance at a charity concert in the UK benefiting Chime for a Change, a women’s organization dedicated to improving women’s quality of life worldwide -- and we'll take it! They made a catchy meme of him with his awesome quote, and if that doesn’t scream “holiday card” to you, I don’t know what does.

5. . Olivia Wilde

Wilde hashtagged #IDoNeedFeminism in a counter-campaign to Women Against Feminism tumblr page, which was featured on The Today Show. Glamour launched the hashtag, and Olivia was wild to jump on board. She says her brand of feminism is all about equality. Preach.

6. . Amy Poehler

One need not look further than the Smart Girls website to know that Amy Poehler is a woman who believes in the power of women. She is an outspoken advocate of the feminist cause and one of the most commonly cited comedy idols of young and hungry comedians across the land. Classy. Smart. Fearless. F*ing funny. Yas queen.

7. . Joss Whedon

Writer/director Joss Whedon made an infamous "Make Equality Reality” speech for Equality Now in 2013 and the rest is her-story. "You either believe women are people or you don't. It's that simple," he says in the speech. He goes on to explore feminism’s “branding problem” which is a fair and real critique of the feminist movement. Whedon gets a shining medal of badassery for his contribution to the cause. Thanks, Joss. And feel free to put me in the next Avengers movie. I’ll totally work for scale.

8. . Lena Dunham

No internet list of feminists would be complete without a shout out to the chick who put the women in Girls. Dunham is one of the most passionate champions of the feminist cause with books, websites, and countless appearances. If you haven’t already, check out her Lenny Letter website that has everything you need to scratch even the most intimate of a feminist itch.

9. . Daniel Radcliffe

It is rare for a star to amass fame before all of his baby teeth have fallen out and not turn out to be an asshole, but Daniel Radliffe is a wonderful exception to the rule.  Maybe it’s because he feels guilty that Harry got his name in the title even though Hermione pretty much did all the heavy lifting in their magical adventures, or maybe he’s just a really good dude with a really good brain on top of his really good-looking head...but Radcliffe has spoken out time and time again about his belief in the power and importance of feminism. Also, I saw him in Equus, and let me tell you what, here is a guy loves animals. Talk about a catch.

10. . Hillary Clinton

In an interview with Lena Dunham (see number eight on this list) Hillary Clinton was out and proud about her long history of working for the feminist cause. She says she is  “always a little bit puzzled when any woman, of whatever age but particularly a young woman, says something like, ‘Well, I believe in equal rights, but I’m not a feminist.'” speaking to a common complaint against the feminist cause. Love her or hate her, she’s still a feminist obsession for boldly going where no woman in The United States has gone before. She is a skilled and successful politician on a career path where the politics of being a woman generally are not considered an asset. And you thought being a woman in comedy was hard...

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