10 Unsolved Mysteries That Will Keep You Up At Night

Relax...and lock your doors.

If you’re looking for reasons to justify your insomnia, then look no further! The universe is full of unsolved mysteries, and googling a bunch of stuff on the internet is exactly how we’re going to solve them. Just kidding! But that doesn't mean we should stop trying!

Here are 10 unsolved mysteries that will most definitely keep you up at night.

1. .  The Death of Elisa Lam

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In 2013, after complaints of low water pressure by guests, Elisa Lam’s body was found naked inside a water tank on the roof of Los Angeles’ Cecil Hotel, her clothes neatly folded and placed beside the tank. On the night of her disappearance, elevator surveillance footage shows Lam engaging in off-puting behavior, at different points cowering in an elevator corner and making odd and seemingly deliberate gestures with her hands. A toxicology report of her body found no signs of intoxication from either drugs or alcohol. 

2. .  Spontaneous Human Combustion

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When a body bursts into flames without any external source, it is said to have “spontaneously combusted.” Debates over the legitimacy of the phenomenon have raged since the first reported case in 1641. Still, spontaneous human combustion has been cited as a legitimate cause of death as recently as 2011. Some argue that a flame source must have been present even if no signs of it remained, but then again, a human body doesn’t turn to ash until it reaches 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit, so it would have to be one helluva invisible match. Contemporary British biologist Brian J. Ford argues that a build up of acetone, which can result from diet or alcohol use, is a more likely cause. 

3. .  Mercy Brown: Vampire

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Nineteen-year-old Mercy Brown died of tuberculosis in 1892 in Exeter, Rhode Island. When other members of her family became inflicted with and eventually died of the same diseases, rumors of “sinister spirits” began to circulate, and her father decided to have a number of the bodies exhumed. All of the bodies - save Mercy’s - showed significant signs of decomposition, confirming the belief that she was actually a member of the undead. They burned her heart and fed the ashes to their youngest son, who had recently fallen ill. The son died shortly thereafter. 

4. .  The Oakville Jelly Blobs

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Oakville, Washington. August 7th, 1994. A local farm owner became suspicious of a number of translucent, jelly-like blobs a little smaller than a grain of rice that had mysteriously fallen from the sky on his property. After the farm owner’s cat died and several of his family members fell ill, the farmer sent the blobs in to a lab for investigation only to discover that the blobs had at one point been alive! Theories vary, including biological weapons testing and leaking airplane waste, but many now believe the blobs were jellyfish remains that had been flung into the air after the US Navy dropped bombs ten to twenty miles off the coast. Sounds pretty fishy to me… 

5. .  Footsteps on The Salish Sea

Between 2007 and 2014, somewhere around sixteen dismembered feet still wearing shoes and socks have been found on the shores of The Salish Sea, one belonging to a man who disappeared twenty-five years earlier. As the feet continued to mysteriously appear on the shore, which runs from Washington State up through British Columbia, hoaxers began planting shoes with animal bones inside to catch the attention of tourists who had started cruising the beach. Many now believe the shoes are the only remains of individuals who committed suicide by sea in various parts of the world, their shoes being the only part of their body  buoyant enough not to be decomposed at sea. 

6. .  The “Kryptos” Code

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Outside of the CIA grounds in Langley, VA stands an art installation designed by Jim Sanborn that includes four coded messages. Sanborn predicted each of the codes would take a matter of weeks to decipher, but now, more than a quarter of a century later, only three have been solved. The fourth, containing ninety-seven characters, has yet to be unmasked. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the statue, Sanborn released a clue that six of the letters read “BERLIN” when decrypted. 86 letters to go, guys. 

7. .  Nathaniel Bar-Jonah

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Bar-Jonah was arrested in 1999. During his investigation, a list of children’s names were found in his possession which included the name Zach Ramsay, who had disappeared three years earlier. Other encrypted messages were also discovered, including one reading “Little Boy Pot Pie” and “lunch is served on the patio with roasted child.” Further investigation of Bar-Jonah’s residence revealed a meat grinder containing human hair and the bones of another missing child. 

8. .  The Skiers on Dyatlov Pass

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Though not uncommon for explorers to go missing in the subzero conditions of the Ural mountains, the deaths of nine ski hikers in 1959 raised suspicion when it was discovered that the adventurers had ripped their tents open from the inside and run unprotected into the wilderness where five of them froze to death, wearing nothing but their sleeping clothes. The other four were found two months later with injuries ranging from a fractured skull and broken ribs to one body that was missing its tongue and eyes despite a lack of any external injuries to any of the bodies. 

9. .  The Highway of Tears

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From 1969 to 2006, a total of eighteen women have been murdered or gone missing on British Columbia’s Highway 16. While three of the murders have been linked to American serial killer, Bobby Jack Fowler, none of the other fifteen disappearances have been solved. 

10. .  Chicago Tylenol Murders

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The 1982 deaths of seven strangers in the Chicagoland area changed the distribution of over-the-counter drugs forever. Six adults and one twelve-year-old girl died as a result of cyanide-laced Estra Strength Tylenol capsules, each bought from a different store around the Chicagoland area, with no killer having ever been found. As a result of a nationwide panic that ensued, tamper-proof seals became the industry norm.

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