7 Of The Most Terrifying Women in Her-story

These women are almost too messed up for 'Snapped.' 

Move over, Aileen Wuornos played by Charlize Theron in the 2003 classic film, Monster. You aren’t the only terrifying serial killer in town. Here are a lucky seven more to add to the list. Anything men can do women can do better! Even cold hearted murder. 

1. . Tracey Wigginton aka The Lesbian Vampire Killer

Wigginton drank the blood of anything she could get her hands on: pigs, cows, her girlfriend, a 47-year-old man she lured from a bar and then stabbed so viciously he was nearly decapitated.  She also slit the wrists of her lover so that she could drink her blood -- before eventually convincing her to aid in the murder of Edward Baldock. Wigginton was arrested the next day when the police found her bank card in his shoe. Oops. She was released on parole in 2012. Wait… what? Bottoms up!

2. . Leonarda Cianciulli aka Don’t Drop The Soap

Sure, her body count tops out at three, but for the record, she turned the bodies of her victims (all female…haters gunna hate) into bath soap for her personal use, and served their blood in tea cakes to guests. How’s that for an amuse bouche? 

3. . Griselda Blanco aka The Cocaine Godmother

Blanco was deeply involved in the Columbia/US cocaine trade (I can’t feel my face when I’m with you) and is suspected of murdering somewhere around 200 individuals. She designed and used special undergarments to traffic cocaine to New York, Miami and Southern California, so Victoria’s not the only lingerie company with a secret. Her life of crime began at age eleven and ended at age 69 when she was shot in the head in her hometown of Medellin, Colombia after being released in prison a couple of years earlier. 

4. . Ilse Koch aka The Witch of Buchenwald

Ilse Kotch tortured and killed tattooed Jewish Holocaust prisoners and turned their skin into decorative lamps. She was eventually sentenced to life in prison for crimes against humanity and instigation to murder in 135 cases. 

5. . Biljana Plavsic aka The Iron Lady

The former president of Republika Srpska, she led Bosnia-Herzegovina during the Serbian genocides of the 1990s, murdering over six million Serbs. She claimed that ethnic cleansing was a “natural thing.” She was released from prison in 2009 and staged a political comeback. And you thought Donald Trump was tactless. 

6. . Dorothea Puente The Julia Child of Terror

Puente ran a boarding house in California and stole the social security checks of numerous elderly and disabled boarders, seven of whom ended up dead and buried on the property, which was notorious for its “foul stench.” The house was also only two blocks from the California governor’s mansion. Puente had a troubled childhood and a her-story of forging checks as well as previous arrests for running a brothel. In 2004, her penpal from jail published a book entitled Cooking with a Serial Killer based on Puente’s recipes, whose murder weapon of choice, keep in mind, was poison. What I wouldn’t give to see her and Martha Stewart share a cell.  

7. . ELIZABETH BÁTHORY aka The Blood Countess

Mirror mirror on the wall, this Hungarian noble tortured and eventually murdered somewhere in the ballpark of 650 women (mostly servants) and bathed in their blood. She tortured one woman to death with a silk scarf, smeared one girl in honey and made some of them cook and eat their own flesh. The full list of what she did is insane. Disney princess, take note. You didn’t have it as bad with your “evil queen” as you think… even if it is based on another historical serial killer played by Charlize Theron. 

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