The Men's Rights Activists Dictionary: 7 Terms You Should Know

Know thy enemy.

By now, you've probably read all about the  “pro-rape meetup” that was canceled last week in the face of intense protests. But if you thought this was a one-off, isolated event, you'd be wrong. The Men’s Rights Activism (MRA) Movement has been endemic to our culture for decades, and it's not backing down.

The Men's Rights Activism Movement began in the 1970s as backlash against the growing women’s liberation movement, though it never quite entered mainstream popularity. The growth of online culture re-sparked it into significance, but it still exists primarily on the internet. The core of the argument is that if gender inequality exists, it exists as a bias against men whose rights are slowly being eroded by women. Mens Rights Activists are widely criticized for their blatantly negative perceptions of women, as well as their perspective on sexual violence. Here are some helpful vocab words whenever you're dealing with Men's Rights Activism...because, know thy enemy. 

1. . Return of Kings

If you get through this article and are hungry for more, Return of Kings is the website for you. Trigger alert, if you’re a woman or have ever met or plan on meeting a woman, the site is littered with more than a handful of potential distressful ideas. Then again, they also have a helpful article on “How To Do A One Handed Push-Up." The movement is big on building muscles so other men don’t think see you as weak. Roosh Valizadeh started Return of Kings in 2012. The site is prolific, but provides an easy to use guide of what Valizadeh considers their most important articles, including "Women Should Not Be Allowed To Vote," “Rape Culture Was Manufactured To Wage An Unjust War Against Men" and "The Equality Movement Is Allowing Women To Tyrannize Men." Deep cuts include, “8 Things Women Can Do To Be More Attractive” and “5 Reasons To Avoid Women Who Drink Coffee.” You know what they say: the best part of waking up is obeying your husband as master and king! 

USE IT IN A SENTENCE: Let's head to the Return Of Kings to read up on 6 Ways "Misogynists” Do A Better Job At Helping Women Than Feminists? 

2. . RedPill

Redpill is a subsection of Reddit, a catch-all website known for a liberal censorship policy where anything that’s not full blown illegal goes, which makes it the natural choice for people whose social policies border on hate speech. On the site, you can receive advice such as, “don’t ever expect a woman to change for the better. Don’t ever expect her to not throw a temper tantrum. Don’t ever expect her to stop making excuses. Expect her to behave like a woman, and you will slowly and steadily be less angry at them and accept them for the creatures they are.”  

USE IT IN A SENTENCE: My post on RedPill got 134 upvotes! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to fapping in celebration.

3. . Beta Males

Think of a hunky quarterback who lands a solid job in finance and marries a hot wife who gives him lots of blowjobs. That’s an alpha male. Now think of the opposite. That’s a beta male. Beta males are oppressed by “alpha males” who are more highly valued by society and always get the girl. Because women are only interested in alpha males, they encourage the oppression of beta males, who are left with no choice but to fight back! It’s “nice guys finish last” trying to change the system. The science of this is an ongoing discussion. There are omegas, gammas and more. 

USE IT IN A SENTENCE: Don’t cross your arms, bro. That’s some passive aggressive beta male behavior, if I ever saw it.

4. . Social Isolation

The MRA acknowledges the growing isolation of men and blame it on women. One post on Reddit argues that even online outlets for men to connect have been tainted because “when a male space is contaminated and made uni-sex, immediately all men present must play by the Girls Rule playbook.”  It goes on to argue that while “women face no social pressure,” men are constantly faced

USE IT IN A SENTENCE: I wish they hadn’t cancelled our pro-rape meet up last week. This social isolation is really getting to me, and I was looking forward to making a genuine connection with my brothers. 

5. . GamerGate

GamerGate started as a conversation about ethics, gender and privilege in video games and video game journalism and turned into a pretty major attack against women in the industry. Wha ha happen was, a female game designer (Zoe Quinn) got some good press on a game she made and accusations flew that she was getting the reviews in exchange for sexual favors. The harassment got so bad, Quinn was forced to leave her house. Then the harassment spread to other women while the primarily white men behind the movement defended themselves as an “oppressed majority.” 

USE IT IN A SENTENCE: I just feel like I don’t have enough white male privilege, so I tweet a lot about #GamerGate to get my point across that women ruin everything.

6. . Feminism and The Patriarch

Most Mens Rights Activists hate women, and they’ll most likely hate me for saying it. In fact, they might argue, “Red pillers love women. We're built to handle a lot so it's not a problem to us that she isn't good at stuff. We have a better grasp on our emotions so it doesn't bother us that she doesn't have good control over hers.” That particular Reddit post continues to say, “The only true sources of misogyny are female insecurity, and the blue pill.” They would argue that feminism is a product of women hating themselves, and then blaming that self-loathing on men. 

USE IT IN A SENTENCE: Feminism invented The Patriarch to try to take rights away from men, am I riiiight?

7. . Rape Culture

The MRA believes believes the concept of rape culture was manufactured to oppress men. They go on to argue that the majority of rape accusations are either fully false or brought on by the woman’s behavior. One of the leaders of MRA, Paul Elam, published an article entitled "Bill Cosby's victims? Or just a bunch of drug whoring star fuckers?” on his website, A Voice For Men. He is also quoted in a Mother Jones article as saying that some women, “walk through life with the equivalent of a I'M A STUPID, CONNIVING BITCH—PLEASE RAPE ME neon sign glowing above their empty little narcissistic heads.”

USE IT IN A SENTENCE: Rape culture is bullsh*t. Who’s with me? Guys? Guys…Anybody?

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