Serial Killer Pens Disturbing Letter Saying He Kept Kala Brown Chained In Cargo Container To 'Save' Her

She was “as big a criminal as I am." 

By Gina Tron

A South Carolina serial killer has spoken publicly for the first time since his November 2016 arrest.

In a disturbing letter -- written on looseleaf paper -- mailed to The New York Post last week, Todd Kohlhepp dismissed the seven people he killed as “criminals.” In his letter, 46-year-old Kohlhepp also claimed he was just trying to “save” a 30-year-old woman, Kala Brown, that was rescued from his property last year.

A chilling video documented her rescue, and the moment that police found her chained by the neck in a shipping container, where she was held captive for two months.

Brown was rescued, and Kohlhepp was caught, after police used Brown’s cell phone records to trace her steps to her location. The shipping container was hidden in a tree-filled area of the serial killer’s property. Brown and her boyfriend Charlie Carver, 32, had gone missing in August 2016. The couple had gone over to Kohlhepp’s to do yard work for him, as they had in the past.

Carver was shot “three times in the chest [and] wrapped him in a blue tarp,” Brown told investigators, as documented in the video. Brown said on the "Dr. Phil" show that she was then raped by the serial killer “twice a day, every day.”

“If I tried to hurt him, he’d kill me. If I fought back, he would kill me,” Brown told Dr.Phil.

In his letter to the New York Post, Kohlhepp wrote that Brown was “as big a criminal as I am.” She “wasn’t raped,” he viciously claimed. “All of my victims were criminals,” he stated.

After police freed Brown, she led them to Carver's body, and to the bodies of other victims.

Kohlhepp shot and killed seven people over the span of 13 years. His victims were buried on his 95-acre property, located in rural South Carolina. He is currently serving seven consecutive life sentences after pleading guilty to the murders.

[7th Circuit Solicitor's Office]

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