Serial Killer Says He Was A Good Family Man And Cop, Despite Killing 82 Women

“During my police service, I regularly passed medical commissions and was recognised as fit," said a man who may be one of Russia's worst-evere serial killers. His victims were killed with knives, axes or screwdrivers.

A serial killer told police he may be one of Russia’s worst ever serial killers – but he was a good husband and father.

According to The Independent, 53-year-old Mikhail Popkov has now reportedly confessed to killing a total of 82 women between 1992 and 2010. His victims ranged in age from 17 to 38.

But, he insisted to investigators that he was good to his family and performed well at work.

“I had a family. My wife and daughter considered me a good husband and father, which corresponded to reality,” Popkov said, according to the report. He said he always received positive feedback on his police work. During his almost two-decade long killing spree, he never thought of himself as mentally unhealthy.

“During my police service, I regularly passed medical commissions and was recognised as fit,” he said. According to Mirror, he offered lifts to some victims in his police car, before taking them to remote areas.

On Monday, the killer was formally charged with 60 new murders on top of the 22 he’s been convicted of. He has been serving a life sentence.

Also according to Mirror, Popkov said he wanted to "clean up" his Siberian city Angarsk of "prostitutes" and "immoral women.” His victims were killed with knives, axes or screwdrivers.

In leaked testimony from the case, according to the report, Popkov told criminal investigators that he separated his "ordinary" family life from his murdering life. He said his wife and daughter did not have any suspicions. His wife has not demonized him and in a 2015 Siberian Times report stated: "I support him, I believe him. If he were to be released right now, I would not say a word and we would continue to live together. I love him, I support him. He did not cause me any harm for all these years. I felt safe with him."

During this week’s case, Popkov callously explained how he picked his victims.

"The victims were those who, unaccompanied by men, at night, without a certain purpose, were on the streets, behaving carelessly, who were not afraid to enter into conversation with me, get into my car, and then go for a drive in search of adventures, for the sake of entertainment, ready to drink alcohol and have sexual intercourse with me," he said.


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