Sikh Fashion Blogger Is Taking Over Instagram In A Turban

"I wanted to push the norms."

Turbans aren't just for guys. Fashion blogger Karan Kaur - who runs Style with Kaur - is repping her heritage and taking over Instagram by rocking a turban. 

The 22-year-old is Sikh and wears a turban every day for religious reasons. In the Sikh religion, turbans are traditionally associated with men but according to BBCwomen are increasingly embracing the look. 

But women rocking turbans isn't common in fashion and Kaur decided to pave her own way for representation. "When I started wearing my turban, I wanted to incorporate that into my style," she tells Huffington Post Australia"After years of frustration with the fashion world and my inability to find someone, even a designer who spoke to my needs, I felt it was time I took the measures in my own hands."


Her Instagram account, which features Kaur modeling her turban around the world, has over 30,000 followers. "I wanted to push the norms and create a runway for turbaned women," she says. 

Check out Karan Kaur's fierce style:

[Photo: Instagram] 

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