Mother of Five Arrested For Not Mowing Her Lawn

The mother of 5 was hauled off to jail after a verbal warning to mow and clear debris from her front lawn. 

In a world where so much is so wrong it seems inconceivable that a law abiding mother of five would be arrested for something as petty as not mowing her lawn. But that’s what happened to Ebony Conner of Cahokia, Illinois, outside St. Louis. Conner was hauled off to jail for 30 minutes, leaving her children unattended at home, except for the presence of a local code enforcement officer. Conner says she was concerned for her children’s safety, telling St. Louis’ KMOV News “I don’t trust him. I don’t know him at all to just leave my kids with him and they still hauled me off.”

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Ebony Conner’s only warning was a visit by code enforcement officers in June who told her the overgrown grass and trash in her front lawn and the derelict cars in her driveway violated town ordinances. Local authortities have yet to give a satisfactory explanation as to why Conner was arrested other than a complaint from the Village of Cahokia. “I understand I violated a code but take the channels,” said Conner. “Give me a ticket first, make me appear in court. I know there’s got to be channels other than ‘If you don’t cut your grass I’m arresting you.'”  

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