Teen Allegedly Catfished And Robbed A Guy, Then Tried To Post Her Arrest On Facebook

She set up someone she met online to be robbed by her boyfriend. 

A Wisconsin teenager who was accessory to an armed robbery asked her father to photograph her arrest so she could brag about in on Facebook. Josephine Garczynski, 18, of Sheboygan was charged Wednesday with armed robbery as a party to a crime, along with 27-year-old Curtis Britton, her boyfriend of one year. The teen also used Facebook to set up the initial theft, according to Milwaukee’s CBS 58.

Using the alias “Josephine King,” Garczynski chatted with her victim on several occasions before arranging a rendezvous on the night of March 5th. After meeting her and getting into her car, Britton jumped into the backseat and put a gun to the victim’s head, demanding he empty his pockets, according to court documents retrieved by the website MySheboygan.com. Britton took his wallet, which contained no cash, and his cellphone.

After the victim reported the incident, police cracked Garczynski’s Facebook account and tracked her down at her father’s house. Though she originally denied it, she eventually admitted to her and Britton’s part in the robbery. Before being taken into custody, she asked if she could put on clothes, and while in the bathroom was overheard singing “Free Josephine.”

While being cuffed, she asked her father to take photos of her so she could post about the incident n Facebook. Police later arrested Britton at his residence, where they found 2 realistic-looking BB guns, one of which they assume was used in the robbery, along with marijuana and paraphernalia.

[Photo: Sheboygan Police Department]