Teen Sues Parent Who Locked Dead Chicken Around His Neck And Abused Him

The boy still suffers from the abuse he endured at the hands of his foster mother's boyfriend. 

A North Carolina teenager is suing the former foster parent who along with her boyfriend abused him. The suit alleges Wanda Sue Larson, 58, used “connections” with local officials to manipulate his custody and that Union County inadequately supervised her. Ironically, Larson is a former department of social services supervisor. While under her “care,” the boy was subjected to neglect and abuse, along with four other adoptive children. The case made headlines in 2013 when the boy was discovered by local authorities chained up on the front porch of Larson’s house with a dead chicken tied around his neck.

Authorities say Larson turned a blind eye to her boyfriend Dorian Harper’s abuse of the children, enabling it to continue unfettered. While all the children in the home were subject to his cruelty, the then-11-year-old suffered most of all. On different occasions, Harper twisted the boy’s fingers with pliers, burned his face with electrical wires, cut his face with a knife and shackled him night and day.

The abuse came to light after a deputy visited the squalid 5-acre farm where the family lived after one of the pigs ran away. The boy was found shackled, with a broken wrist and the dead bird around his neck as punishment for killing a chicken on the property. Harper pleaded guilty to child abuse and maiming charges and is currently in jail serving a six to ten year sentence. Larson received a 17-month sentence for child abuse. According to the boy’s current foster parents, he can’t sleep at night and remains fully dressed at all times in case he needs to run away. 


Source: CBS News

[Photo: WBTV] 

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