Teen Thieves' Crime Spree Ends When They Forget To Turn Off Find My iPhone On Stolen Goods

They'd almost gotten away with stealing two cars, a gun and an iPad.

Technology came to the rescue in helping authorities crack a Florida crime ring.

According to Yahooa theft victim realized that an iPad was missing. Using the “Find My iPhone” feature, the victim was able to track the device to a hotel in Daytona Beach.

Last Thursday, the victim's house was burglarized by two people, one being armed, while he slept. 

“You’ve got a [suspect] entering the house — that’s the way we enter a house when we serve a search warrant!" Sheriff Mike Chitwood said of the security footage, which he said showed an armed juvenile walking through the house with a gun drawn. "Weapon out, clearing the rooms... He knew somebody was in that home. And God forbid if the guy woke up... Somebody's getting shot. I have no doubt in my mind, somebody's getting shot.”

When the victim woke up, he saw his Corvette convertible, Chevrolet Silverado and a shotgun were among items missing. He used "Find My iPhone" to help cops track down the suspects. At the hotel, they found the stolen Corvette and five people in a stolen Hyundai. 

Nineteen-year-old Kelly Shaw was armed with a concealed semi-automatic handgun and a 14-year-old boy had a concealed semi-automatic handgun. They were charged with various theft and weapons charges. The other three people were released.

[Photo: Daytona Beach Police Department] 

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