Terrifying 'Clown Purge' Facebook Page Emerges Following The 'It' Movie Premiere

“After the release of IT, we're coming back bigger and better!!” 

By Benjamin H. Smith

Well folks, looks like the evil clowns are at it again.

Last year, they scared us with by trying to luring kids into the woods and, in some instances, stabbing strangers. This year, inspired by the new hit horror movie "It," they’ve unleashed a whole new reign of terror.

The Sydney Morning Journal first reported on the "Clown Purge Sydney" group, which posted on its Facebook page yesterday, saying, “After the release of IT, we're coming back bigger and better!!”

The group, which has over 4,000 followers, is planning a series of pranks this Saturday and sending out a pack of killer clowns into the Sydney suburbs. They also claim to have left red balloons around town with clues as to where they’ll be clowning around.

Though Coulrophobia, or the fear of clowns, goes back decades, the modern killer clown archetype and iconic red balloon are hallmarks of Pennywise, the villain of Stephen King’s horror classic "It," first published in 1986. A new film adaptation of the novel was released September 8 and has been a smash hit.

A moviegoer in England last week faced another incident of terror when he ran into a killer clown at a screening of the movie.

The original “Killer Clown” was serial killer John Wayne Gacy. From 1972 until his arrest in 1978, Gacy raped and then murdered at least 33 teenage boys and buried them in the crawl space beneath his house in Chicago’s northern suburbs.  When not committing his devious crimes, Gacy would appear as a clown named either “Pogo” or “Patches” at charitable events and children’s hospitals.

Australia’s Clown Purge craze blends evil clown iconography with the ultra-violent themes of "The Purge" movie franchise, where all crime is legalized once a year for 12 hours in a bleak dystopian future. A similar group in Perth is promising similar pranks and mayhem, according to The West Australian.

While "Clown Purge Sydney" hopes to give people a good fright, commenters on its Facebook page seem un-phased. “You c**ts are full of s**t,” says Sydney resident Will Lorreta, while New Zealander Stanley T Rex Baldwin says “you guys must really not have lives.”

 Let's just hope the group doesn't make its way to the US.

[Photo: Facebook] 

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