The 10 Most Tragically Dramatic Facts Of The Linda Pedroza Case

When Linda Pedroza and her boyfriend killed her mother, and tried to dissolve her body in acid. 

By Kat George

Linda Pedroza, at just 17-years-old, along with her 23-year-old boyfriend, Antoine Wright, killed her mother, Isabelle Pedroza. Growing up in a broken home in Palm Beach County, Florida with an alcoholic father, Linda spent much of her childhood escaping into Spanish language soap operas with her mother. But in her teenage years, Linda began to rebel, and her mother’s overbearing protectiveness drove the previously close pair apart. When Linda dropped out of school and started her relationship with the adult Antoine, tension between her and her mother escalated. Their constant fighting would be the nail in Isabelle’s coffin. Here are the most tragically dramatic facts Linda Pedroza’s life, and the murder of her mother. You can get the whole story on Oxygen's Martinis &Murdershosted by John Thrasher and Daryn Carp. Subscribe at iTunes or Google Play or listen below on Soundcloud.

1. Linda’s father was an alcoholic

Miguel Pedroza, Linda’s father, had been an alcoholic since he was 20. He would eventually beat his wife, Isabelle, which landed him in jail. While he was in jail, Isabelle would be murdered by her own daughter.

2. Linda was forced to drop out of school

When Miguel’s alcoholism cost him his job, Linda was forced to drop out of school and start working full time. Isabelle worked multiple jobs, but only part time, and her income wasn’t enough to pay the bills alone. Linda worked at Chick-Fil-A in the day, and at night at Applebee’s at night. She gave the majority of her wages to support her family.

3. When Linda met Antoine, he’d just been released from prison

Linda met Antoine at the mall where she worked. He had just been released from prison, where he’d been serving time for shooting someone. Linda even said: “I thought he was so cool.  He had just been released from prison. I thought that he was a bad boy. And I immediately, like, was mesmerized by him because he doesn’t take crap from nobody. He was the complete opposite of everything my mom wanted for me.”

4. Isabelle called the police after catching Linda and Antoine in bed together

Catching a couple in bed when they’re not supposed to be together is a staple of high drama. Isabelle banned Antoine from coming to her house, and her daughter from seeing him. But she came home from work one day to find them in bed together, and promptly called the police.

5. When Linda and Antoine attacked Isabelle, it took a lot to kill her

Antoine first tried to kill Isabelle when she got home from work by hitting her over the head with a frying pan, so hard it broke. But Isabelle didn’t go down. He then tried to strangle her with an electrical cord, which broke. Linda bought him another cord, and it took the two of them to pull on it until Isabelle went cold. They they held her head under water in the bath to be sure she was dead.

6. Linda and Antoine tried to dissolve Isabelle’s body with acid

Like something out of a movie, Linda and Antoine attempted to dissolve Isabelle’s body with acid in the bathtub, but only succeeded in melting off some of her flesh.

7. After they killed Isabelle, Linda and Antoine appeared to have a blast

They went on a shopping spree, Linda got Antoine’s name tattooed to her chest, and they documented the whole thing in photos.

8. When Linda’s body was found it was only identifiable by fluke

Because of the acid, the damp conditions in the swamp, hot Florida temperatures and wild animals, the body of Isabelle Pedroza wasn’t identifiable when it was found, as it was in advanced stages of decay. But in a dramatic twist, a necklace was found at the scene that was so distinctive as it had been custom made especially for Isabelle.

9. An Anonymous tipster turned Linda and Antoine in

High drama can always be expected when an anonymous phone caller weighs in. In this case, the caller said he’d driven Isabelle’s car to the airport and dumped it there, as per Linda and Antoine’s instructions.

10. Antoine eventually turned on Linda

Linda had the opportunity to make a plea deal, but wouldn’t turn on her lover. Antoine on the other hand, was really quick to make a deal of his own, so that he got only twenty years, while Linda got forty.


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