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Man Dressed As Freddy Krueger Goes Rogue With A Shotgun On Halloween

It was like a scene from Nightmare On Elm Street, with costumed revelers running down the street to escape.

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It’s not just a nightmare on Elm Street but a general nightmare come to life when a party-goer dressed as Freddy Krueger goes rogue with a shotgun on Halloween. Indeed, Halloween is the spookiest night of the year, and a natural incubator for mayhem. According to NerdWallet, crime-related insurance claims rise by over 24 per cent on Halloween, and October 2016 was no exception.

Shortly after arriving at a Halloween party in San Antonio, two people were involved in a verbal altercation, and the homeowner asked them to leave. Terrifyingly, one of the uninvited guests was dressed as Freddy Krueger—the Halloween villain of your nightmares—and at around 5am he pulled out a shotgun and opened fire on the other guests.

Neighbors heard the gunfire and alerted authorities. The scene outside was chaos, with costumed revelers running desperately to their cars and down the street to escape, like something straight out of a Wes Craven hellscape. Five partygoers were shot at the scene, including four men and one woman. The woman attempted to drive herself to the hospital but was involved in a car accident along the way, leading to yet more mayhem.

Thankfully, none of the shooting victims died, but the shooters have not been apprehended by police. Like the character of Krueger himself, it seems that the shooter appears only for a nightmare montage, before disappearing into the night. The whole ordeal should be enough to make you rethink the truly terrifying costumes you see at your next Halloween bash.

During the holidays—whether it’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other festival occasion—crime often spikes. In the case of the Freddy Krueger holiday shooting, police suggested that the alternation was intensified by alcohol consumption, which is a big contributor in holiday crime. Sometimes, what is supposed to be a joyous occasion is marred by bloodshed. To find out about some of the most holiday-riffic, seasonally themed crimes that have ever happened, watch Oxygen’s Homicide for the Holidays on December 3 at 8/7c. 


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