The "Affluenza Teen" Is Trying To Get Out Of Jail, Again

In 2013, he killed four people in a drunk driving accident.

By Gina Tron

Ethan Couch - known as the "affluenza teen" - is at it again!

Now, his attorneys are going to the Texas Supreme Court to try to get Couch released from jail. The lawyers filed a request on Friday arguing that the judge was wrong for sentencing Couch to two years for violating probation, according to Crime Online. 19-year-old Couch’s case was previously handled in juvenile court. His attorneys claimed that the judge who ordered Couch to serve jail time had no jurisdiction over juvenile matters (which are considered civil) since the judge handled criminal cases only.

Back in 2013, Couch killed four people in a drunk driving accident. The nickname “affluenza teen” arose after a psychologist testified during the trial claiming Couch suffered from “affluenza,” a psychological condition that affects wealthy children who aren’t forced to live by the same rules as others. In 2015, Couch was sentenced to 10 years probation after he was found guilty of four counts of intoxication manslaughter and two counts of intoxication assault. According to the report, a requirement of that probation was to steer clear of alcohol.

That didn't happen. In late 2015, a video leaked of Couch allegedly playing beer pong. According to Crime Online, Couch and his mom then fled to Mexico. A tip led to their capture within a few weeks. In 2016, a judge ordered Couch to spend 720 days (almost two years) in jail.

Last year, Couch’s lawyers also attempted to get him out of jail. They filed a similar motion to Friday’s motion, claiming that his case should have never gone to adult court because his charges were previously handled in juvenile court. That motion was denied.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) wrote a statement on Facebook in response: “These latest antics of 'Affluenza' teen Ethan Couch and his lawyers are cruel and insulting to the families of the four people he killed and the numerous people he injured while driving drunk. To try to escape justice by turning to the Texas Supreme Court to obtain release from jail for his already lenient 720 day sentence is beyond reprehensible. 720 days in jail was not enough. So anything less is wholly unacceptable. Bottom line, Ethan Couch is a criminal, and this meritless motion can’t change that. MADD urges the Texas Supreme Court to reject this preposterous appeal and tell Ethan Couch to serve his time and pay for his deadly crimes."

[Photo: Jalisco State Prosecutor's office]

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