The Internet Is Having A Field Day Making Fun of Meek Mill's Diss Track

Meek: They're not laughing with you.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

The Drake/Meek Mill feud rages on with the release of Meek Mill's diss track last night. The internet wasn't impressed, to say the least. Is it time for Nicki Minaj to dump Meek? Here's a look at some of the funniest reactions to "Wanna Know" shared across social media.

 The City of Philadelphia never posted this, but that doesn't make it any less hilarious.

 That hairbrushing photo has gotten so much mileage during this feud that Meek has to be regretting its existence by now.

 Seriously, the 'Nicki comforts Meek' jokes aren't going anywhere, and we don't want them to.


Yep, still funny.

 It's funny because it's true.

 Utter cruelty.

 That time the internet tried to write Meek's diss track for him - and did a better job.

 That time Toronto Councillor Norm Kelly had to get in on it.

 That time the internet had to add some '90s nostalgia to their memes.

 And of course, the best of all: what Drake posted right after Meek released his diss track.


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