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There Are A Million Ways To Fall In Love With Lane Moore

Comedian. Musician. Director. Writer/Editor. It would be easy to get annoyed at Lane Moore's success if she wasn't so awesome.

Lane Moore is part of Oxygen’s digital series In Progress 52. In 2016, Oxygen's Very Real digital hub is featuring 52 of these outstanding women: that's one woman a week, for 52 weeks. Check out the series here!

It’s difficult to narrow down everything Lane Moore does. Her most obvious line of work is comedy, having been named one of the funniest people on Twitter by Paste Magazine and was on BUST Magazine’s list of the 10 Funny Ladies You Need To Be Watching. But Moore is also a musician: her band It Was Romance was listed by Pitchfork as one of 2015’s albums to watch. She also works as a writer and an editor for various feminist publications, winning a GLAAD award in 2016 for her work with Cosmopolitan for Best Overall Magazine Coverage. With all that, Moore still manages to fill audiences for her live comedy shows, like Tinder Live, an interactive show about Tinder.

Moore found time to take a breath to chat about her work, and what keeps her going through all the ups and downs.

WE FUCKING WON A GLAAD AWARD!!!!!! this queer girl is way hyped 😍😍😍💪🏻💪🏻💐💐 #glaadawards

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Moore says she knew she was funny from an early age.

"As soon as I could speak, I was doing accents and impressions all the time," she said. "It got to the point where my parents were concerned, because I think I genuinely thought I was British for a while there.”

She says she started doing standup in her Sunday school classes when she was in kindergarten, and by the time she was 7, she’d begun writing and directing her own plays and writing original songs. All the stuff Lane Moore does well, she’s been doing her whole life.

“I started writing a satirical newspaper[as a child], kind of like The Onion, even though I didn't know The Onion existed at the time. Years later, I'd end up writing for the actual The Onion for years. Comedy and music and acting and writing and creating art were really my family and my friends for most of my life.”

When asked if she ever felt pressure to settle on one thing, Moore says, “I don't feel a pressure to choose at all. I felt that pressure when I was like 6, and people were asking me to choose, but now, I'm working all the time as a comedian at the best venues and with a lot of my heroes and peers who I really respect. I'm working all the time as a writer for my all-time favorite publications. I'm playing music...I'm so glad I didn't listen to anyone who asked me which ‘one’ I wanted to pick. I wanted it all because I knew I could do it all, and now I am.”

And what is she working on? All the things.

“I'm working on a book, I'm working on a TV show, I'm going to be on TV a lot more very soon, I'm working on my next It Was Romance album, I'm touring with Tinder Live and with my stand-up, I'm writing so many pieces I'm excited about.”

Moore hosts Tinder Livewhere she and other comedians interact with and discuss the popular dating app, as she swipes and texts potential beaux in real time. Sometimes she even calls them to the theater. She says, “I had the idea for Tinder Live about three three ears ago when I first got on Tinder, literally in the first be clear though, Tinder Live isn't trolly or just mocking dudes in general. It's surprisingly good-natured and intended to just be a hilarious game show where anything can happen, while also offering some commentary on the way we date now."

Then there’s her music. It Was Romance recently released a video for Moore’s song "Hooking Up With Girls," offering a visual tribute to Fiona Apple’s 1996 hit "Criminal." She says, “I direct all my music videos and I'm so inspired by 90s pop culture and film and TV. When I realized that if I released it this year it'd actually be the 20th anniversary, it just felt so cool. And both 'Criminal' and 'Hooking Up With Girls' have such similar lyrical themes in terms of hookup culture and feeling conflicted about your relationships that it just seemed fated.”

Working as a comedian and fronting an indie rock band doesn’t always get you mainstream attention, but Moore’s talent can’t be contained. She even had a cameo on the fifth season of Girls that got her a shout out in The New York Times.

Moore also has a loving fanbase, which she’s grown from her live shows and also viral content from projects like Male Feminists of Tinder, a tumblr dedicated to self-professed feminists looking for love. I asked her if she ever gets negative attention from the type of people who Google search “feminist+comedian” so they can find new women to attack online. She says, “Not at all! Any guys who saw themselves on MFOT have emailed me to be like, ‘Hey, I saw my photo on your site and I genuinely wanna know why this was problematic?’ which I give them credit for.”

She seems to spend a lot of time interacting with fans on social media, and says it’s her heart’s true delight:

“I really love it. They're like my actual friends. I'm not sure if that sounds lame or not, but I'm a fan of so many things and people, and art means so much to me, so when the things I'm creating mean a lot to people, I'm so honored.”

Oh,  and she doesn't get stage fright.

“Plenty of things in life make me nervous, but getting on stage is never one of them.”

[Photo:  Ariana Anhalt]

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