This Adorable British Series Has The Answers To Relationships, Work, Life, Everything

From sexting to panic attacks to obsessive comparison disorder, The School of Life is there for you.

By Halley Bondy

If you're a millennial looking for life advice on the Internet, you'll likely run across a lot of pithy clickbait, whining, and judgment. Sometimes that's all you need, but sometimes you want to go deeper. Sometimes what you really need is an authoritative yet soothing British cyber-being who tells you everything you need to hear without trying to induct you into a creepy cult or sell you something.

Enter The School Of Life, a London-based actual pseudo-school that has been calming people the f*ck down about everything since 2008. Headed by philosopher (and velvet-voiced) Alain de Botton, The School Of Life has been dropping thoughtful, endearing, brilliant weekly YouTube videos with crazy regularity. I've become thoroughly addicted, and so should anybody who wants the world to be a better place (single tear, cue "Formation"). 

Under the tagline "Developing Emotional Intelligence," The School Of Life tackles very modern issues -- from lighter fare like sexting, cheap clothes, and Kardashian-ism, to heavier stuff like porn addiction, arguments in relationships, suicide, and finding fulfilling work. Botton employs age-old philosophical tenets, history, science, and baller psychotherapeutic observations to address them. Each video leaves you smarter than before, and way more optimistic for a brighter day, than say, Twitter does.

In the video "Not Liking One's Looks," The School Of Life doesn't pretend that looks don't matter, but it provides sound advice on how we, as a culture, can change our priorities when it comes to beauty.


In "I'm Offended," the School Of Life puts social media outrage in historical perspective, and explains how we can rise above.


The series is also decidedly pro (healthy) sex. In "The Sex Starved Relationship," the School of Life explores a why sex is crucial in relationships, and how it can be recovered. 

It's hard to pick out just a few, since the there are upward of 300 videos. But I recommend starting with their "relationship" feed if you're having lover woes, and the "self" feed for broader issues with confidence, anxiety, and other human habits. There's also a "work" feed, a "pop culture" feed, and for the advanced/obsessed, you can deep-dive into philosophy. 

Here's to a healthier Internet! 

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