Turbulent Relationship Between Twins May Have Led To One Sister's Murder

One friend says the siblings have almost caused at least two other car accidents in the past when fighting.

A 38-year-old woman is scheduled to stand trial on murder charges for the death of her identical twin. Earlier this year, Alexandria Duval was accused of killing her sister Anastasia in Hawaii in 2016. An SUV carrying the twins went off a cliff falling 200 feet. They were witnessed fighting just minutes before the crash. Alexandria survived with minor injuries but Anastasia died.

Alexandria was charged twice with killing her sister Anastasia Duval. Initially, the case was dismissed due to lack of a probable cause. However, she was later indicted on a second-degree murder charge. She is now gearing up for trial.

According to a new report from People, investigators strongly believe the crash was intentional. They allege the plunge was orchestrated as a result of years of failed businesses and deep debt between the siblings. They had made a name for themselves as yoga instructors in Florida but ended up changing their names while living in Utah, according to the report.

Alexandria Duval’s lawyer says otherwise: that the crash was a tragic accident that left his client heartbroken.

Florida chef Keith Weiss dated Anastasia for more than six months and told People he knew the twins before 2014, when they changed their legal names from Alison and Ann Dadow to Alexandria and Anastasia Duval. He claimed he saw explosive fights and bizarre behavior between the sisters.

“I once got a call from Ann [Anastasia] saying, ‘Get over here now … I’m going to kill her,'” Weiss said in the report. “She actually started hitting Alison [Alexandria] with the phone. I heard it … thump, thump, thump. They were both screaming at each other. … I get to their apartment and there’s broken glass everywhere from wine bottles and shattered glasses. There was blood everywhere, and the bedroom door was falling off its hinges.”

But, by this point the twins had stopped fighting and were just casually watching a movie together.

On at least two occasions, Weiss said that the twins fought in his car, once when Anastasia was driving. He told People that both of those scuffles nearly resulted in crashes. He said that Alexandria would often tag along on the dates.

“It almost seemed like Alison [Alexandria] was jealous of Ann [Anastasia], who always got the guy,” Weiss said.

Kimberly Keiser Henry attended high school with the twins and said that they “were inseparable” and had “an amazing bond.” But she also told People that the sisters made terrible decisions, even as teenagers.

“They were sweet, sweet girls that just unfortunately made poor choices and I think the stress of that had gotten to them,” she said. Henry does not believe the crash was intentionally caused.

“I don’t know how she’s going to even continue or function without her sister. They had that type of bond,” she said.

[Photo:New York State Police]


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