Two Men Met IRL After Online Beef And Killed Each Other

Many people have had internet enemies who they'd murder if given the chance, but very few online beefs make it IRL. In Florida, these dark digital desires became reality when two men who feuded on the web took to the streets to murder each other. Both men are now deceased.

Although the origin of the argument is unclear, what is known is that Elroi Ashley and Canyon Molitor began fighting on the internet and agreed to meet up at a local convenience store to continue their conversation. According to, as the dialogue escalated in intensity, both men pulled out guns and shot each other. Molitor died at the scene; Ashley was taken to a hospital where he also passed away shortly thereafter.

"It's hard for someone to have to go this way and you would never think it would be your family member,” said Ashley's sister, Eboni Hollimon.

"Just the fact that this actually happened it's just unbelievable there's honestly not any words for it anymore,” added Molitor's friend Daniel Staring.

Investigators are now attempting to piece together what heated discussion topic could have led to the violent incident.

[Photo: Pexels]