Uber Driver Kills Gunman Who Tried To Rob Him

A robbery went wrong when the thieves targeted a driver who was armed. 

An Uber driver in Florida fought off a brazen armed robbery attempt, shooting and killing one of his would-be robbers and protecting the life of his passenger. Police say it happened at approximately 5 a.m. on Sunday morning near the Ventura Mall, south of Fort Lauderdale. The driver had just picked up a fare and was driving to the airport when he was cut off by a Dodge Caravan, carrying the bandits. Unfortunately for them, the Uber driver was armed and apparently ready.

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According to a Ventura Police Sgt. Chris Goranitis, after stopping the car, “A male jumped out of the caravan with two guns in his hand and he pointed them at the Uber driver who also had a fire arm and his car which he was permitted for. He shot the suspect on the scene who is later pronounced deceased.”

After seeing his partner in crime felled by the Uber driver, the person sitting in the passenger seat of the minivan got behind the driver’s wheel and took off. Police later brought in a minivan they think may have been used in the attack and are questioning a person of interest. Unfortunately, though he possibly saved two lives, the driver may lose his job since, according to the Uber’s website, the company "prohibits riders and drivers from carrying firearms of any kind in a vehicle while using our app.” According to spokeswoman Brooke Anderson, Uber officials were currently "reviewing the matter."


Source: CBS Miami

[Photo: CBS Miami]


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