'Vampire Trucker' Who Kept Women As Sex Slaves Gets 20 Years In Prison

He kidnapped, raped and abused six different woman over two decades. 

The infamous “Vampire Trucker” who kidnapped, raped and abused six woman over two decades was sentenced to 20 years in prison last Wednesday. Timothy Jay Vafeades, now 53, was obsessed with vampires, naming his trucking rig the “Twilight Express,” and wore a set of fake fangs. He held his victims for months at a time, often keeping them chained up in the back of his truck, where he would repeatedly beat and rape them.

Vafeades was first arrested in 2013, when officers at a weigh station noticed bruises on the face of a young girl who was traveling with him. The girl eventually told authorities she was being held against her will and was the victim of ongoing physical and sexual abuse. As investigators began to dig deeper, they found five more women who told horrific tales of abuse at the hands of the Vampire Trucker. While imprisoning his captives he would control every facet of their lives, how they dressed, dying their hair and even filing down their teeth with a dremel for perceived dental imperfections.

At his sentencing, which follows a plea deal he made with prosecutors, one of Vafeades’ victims spoke out. "I feel fortunate I can actually speak today," said the woman identified as “Victim B” in court, before describing the chilling details of her abuse. "I was assaulted with a belt. He raped me." U.S. District Judge David Nuffer handed down the 20-year sentence following Vafeades’ guilty pleas to two charges of transporting a person across state lines with the intent to engage in illegal sexual activity and one count of transporting child pornography. Before sentencing, a greying, diminished Vafeades briefly addressed the court, through sobs saying. "I’m sorry. I'm sorry those women were hurt."

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune

Photo: Davis County Jail


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