Watch Kanye's Angry Tweets Read By A Shakespearean Actor

And you thought Kanye was dramatic?

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Although Kanye West’s epic rants are known for being passionate, he has nothing on this guy. Actor David Schneider has transformed Kanye’s latest battle with Wiz Khalifa into an incredible monologue just as dramatic and fiery as Romeo & Juliet.

Watch as he reads the irate tweets as a Shakespearean actor. “I went to your Twitter and saw you wearing coooool pants,” he says with much emphasis. Schneider, who also mispronounces Kid Cudi’s name, continues, “I aaaaam your OG!” It’s pretty amazing, especially towards the end.


The real Kanye West deleted his tweets, stating that he wants positive energy (“Ima take these down cause it’s all about positive energy..."). At least we’ll always have the Shakespearean version. 

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