Woman Caught On Video Hiring Hitman Now Claims It Was A Reality TV Stunt

“They just started manufacturing all of these things and creating these scenarios and putting me in these situations that look horrible."

Dalia Dippolito, a Florida woman allegedly looking for revenge against her husband, Michael Dippolito, was convicted last month of solicitation of first-degree murder. Her lawyers have asserted that Dippolito had been filming a stunt in the hopes of garnering attention as a reality TV star.

According to People, Dippolito’s attorney, Brian Claypool, says police did not investigate the situation fully because they were eager to use footage of Dalia's alleged confession in an episode of Cops.

“They just started manufacturing all of these things and creating these scenarios and putting me in these situations that look horrible,” Dippolito said. She had previously told an undercover detective that she was “5,000 percent sure” she wanted to have her husband killed.

Claypool, who plans to appeal the conviction, noted that one of the jury members had been sleeping during the proceedings: “She was almost snoring,” he says. “We made two trial complaints on the record, and submitted five affidavits from people who saw her sleeping. Florida caselaw is clear that this is grounds for a new trial.” 

Claypool also plans on appealing on the grounds that illicit text messages between Dalia and Michael were prejudicial hearsay, People reports. Similarly, he will claim that jurors heard unsubstantiated allegations pertaining to a previous attempt of Dalia's to kill her husband with Antifreeze, and that she had previously tried to take out a different hit against him.

“There are several grounds for appeal,” says Claypool, “and we intend to pursue them all. My client is not perfect, but she is a mother who didn’t do what they said she did. A lot of the evidence that was introduced was not only irrelevant, but it was extremely prejudicial.”

A previous trial of Dippolito had restulted in a mistrial. 

Dippolito now faces 16 years in prison, with Circuit Judge Glenn Kelley saying she acted in a “cold and calculated manner.”

“She’s doing surprisingly well, considering,” Claypool says. “She is clinging to her faith during this time.”

[Photo: Boynton Beach Police]

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