Woman Stopped At Airport For Traveling With Husband's Intestines In Luggage

Not sure you can bring your husband's intestines with you in the carry-on.

Some couples love each other with all their heart and soul. Some love each other’s very guts. Literally, their guts. That must have been the case for one Moroccan woman who was pulled aside by customs agents at Austria’s Graz airport who noticed her acting nervous. When they searched her luggage, they found she was carrying two carefully-wrapped containers filled with the intestines of her dead husband.

The woman claimed she had brought them to Austria for a toxicology test, believing her husband had been poisoned to death. According to the woman, he had died during an operation. A doctor who had examined the entrails said a full investigation could not be conducted without examining the man’s entire body. Since transporting human innards across international borders is apparently not a crime in Austria, police were not called to investigate, and no charges were pressed against the woman. The intestines have allegedly been temporarily put in storage, pending further testing. 

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